Seven Lean Six Sigma Tools Webcast Series

This series shares some of the most common Lean Six Sigma tools, which are used to collect, analyze, and interpret both quantitative and qualitative data so as to better understand the status of a broad range of processes.

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Project Ticket Template

This tool is used to define the framework (or charter) for a quality planning or quality improvement project. It is designed to avoid project scope creep by keeping the project focused on the defined objectives and deliverables. It also helps to identify project team members from the list of stakeholders and to expose project interdependencies.  Click here to download.

Project Portfolio Selection for Six Sigma e-Book

by William D. Mawby

This book focuses on the essential, but somewhat neglected, topic of the selection of Six Sigma projects. There is little material available on the process of making Six Sigma projects an integral part of the bottom line of a company, and often this is a weak point in many fledgling improvement programs. The methods presented here will not deal specifically with project management or with team development methods, but will concentrate solely on the proper selection of the projects.

Chapter 1: The Identification of Six Sigma Projects
Chapter 2: Characteristics of Six Sigma Projects
Chapter 3: Multiple Criteria Decision Methods for Six Sigma Project Selection
Chapter 4: The Analytic Hierarchy Approach to Project Portfolio Selection
Chapter 5: The Data Envelopment Approach to Six Sigma Portfolio Selection
Chapter 6: Portfolio selection through Mathematical Programming
Chapter 7: Six Sigma Project Portfolio Selection Through Integer Programming
Chapter 8: Measuring Portfolio Performance
Chapter 9: Multiperiod and Multidivisional Approaches for Project Portfolio Selection
Chapter 10: Non-Linear Programming for Six Sigma Project Portfolio Selection
Chapter 11: Options Pricing Approaches to Six Sigma Project Portfolio Selection
Chapter 12: Summary and Outlook for Six Sigma Project Portfolio Selection

Download the complete e-book! 

Project Charter Template

by Rama Shankar

Once you’ve defined the problem, use this simple charter document to confirm agreement between the problem-solving team and management.  Click here for Charter template and webcast.

Also, check out the companion webcast by the author.

Lean Six Sigma Project Prioritization Matrix

This prioritization matrix enables the assessment of projects, threats, activities, investment opportunities, sports teams, and more (just about everything) based on standard criteria and weighted values. It is ideal in a facilitated group environment, but also effective when used by an individual.  To download this tool, click here..

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