Three Critical Behaviors That Experts and Professionals Do That Novices Miss

Thomas Browdy PhDTuesday, Sep 20, 2016

This talk will bring out the importance of experts using stories and metaphors, how these stories and metaphors should be used, and where to apply them most effectively. Also discussed will be the skillful use of language by experts to solve problems that cannot be taken on with textbook solutions (addressing an intermediate zone of practice). Lastly the social aspects of educating those that work around the expert will be highlighted.

The behavior of experts is often off-conscious and defies personal examination by them. It is through careful interviews and dialog that we can discover the characteristics that make the expert so good at what they do, and thus providing the opportunity for others to learn at a much greater rate. Three critical behaviors were revealed as a result of analyzing 14 interviews of expert project managers.

These behaviors are:  One, communicating often using stories or metaphors, two, creating innovative solutions to problems, and three, educating other stakeholders with social realities in mind. These three behaviors lead to more successful outcomes, are the preferred way for managing tough situations, make the expert professional easier to work for and with, and overall make them more valuable to their firms.

Thomas A. Browdy, PhD

Thomas Browdy has over 25 years of experience in project management, information technology, and leadership. He has held technical, management, consulting, and academic positions. Additionally, he has consulted and taught in the areas of adoption of innovations, organizational leadership, motivation, research, and personal preference assessment. He has an undergraduate degree in mathematics and a doctorate in organizational psychology. He has authored two books in project management and published numerous articles.

Tom is the Director of the Master of Project Management (MPM) program, the Graduate Certificate in Project Management, and the Master of Engineering Management (MEM) program for Sever Institute at Washington University in St. Louis. He teaches in these programs and also conducts professional training and consulting for The Technology Leadership Center (TLC) at the university. He has given speeches to professional societies, academic groups, and various business organizations with audiences of all sizes. He has examined the relationship between management and behavioral economics, the usage of equity analysis in project formation, and how stories/metaphors/fables can inform practicing professionals.


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