Ruth Stanly 17 Oct 2022 ASQ VIRTUAL 6PM Presentation

Monday, October 17, 2022 VIRTUAL 6PM Presentation

Ruth Stanley

Ruth Stanley, Founder Boann Consulting, Blogger, Author, Podcaster, Presenter, Facilitator, Mentor

Creativity – Discovery in Action

Creativity is about discovering new things and new ways of thinking and being.  With the coming challenges of Industry 4 and beyond, we will need creativity more than ever.  But, what if we aren’t creative?  Don’t worry, we are all creative.  We just have to discover how and what speaks to us. Come and explore with us what creativity could mean for you. Be prepared to do an exercise or two. Creativity is a muscle after all!

Ruth Stanley

Ruth Stanley lives and breaths creativity.  She is a former Region Director for Canada Greenland, co-author of the upcoming book “Your Creativity Sprint” and podcaster with Boann – Imagination, Flow and Creativity, and a regular Blogger at


ASQ St. Louis Section Monthly VIRTUAL Presentation

Monday, October 17, 2022
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