Power of the Baldrige 30 OCT 2018 SIUC

Enterprise Excellence in Southern Illinois: Building a Competitive Future

SIUC and IMEC are excited to partner with several organizations to share the power of the Baldrige Excellence Framework.  The Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award celebrates its 30th anniversary this year and continues to drive system performance for companies who are committed to their competitive future.

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October 30th at the SIUC Dunn-Richmond Economic Development Center. 10:30 – 1:30

These speakers will share their experiences with professional development and organizational improvement.  Attendees will walk away with some insight into “Are We Making Progress”.

Featured Speakers

  • Rex Budde | President & CEO, Southern Illinois Healthcare
  • Dr. Sunil Sinha | Vice President & Chief Medical Officer, BJC Medical Group
  • Shelly Pierce | Vice President & Chief Quality Officer, Southern Illinois Healthcare
  • Dr. Julie Dunston | Chair & Director of Technology Off Campus Degree Programs, Southern Illinois University Department of Technology
  • Michelle Darnell | Regional Vice President of Systems Improvement/Clinical Integration for SSM Health, Southern Illinois
  • Theresa Rutherford | President & CEO, HSHS St. Anthony’s Memorial Hospital
  • Ben Krupowicz | Executive Director, ILPEx Recognition Program

How will you positively impact economic development across Southern Illinois, all while improving your business competitiveness?
To promote business competitiveness across southern Illinois, benchmarking and continuous improvement activities based on the proven Baldrige Excellence Framework, are a guide to organizational excellence.

Together with Southern Illinois Healthcare and Southern Illinois University Economic Development, the ILPEx Recognition Program will share the benefits of the pursuit of enterprise excellence for your individual organizations and the greater community.

Hear the inspiring stories of improvement and growth from organizations in southern Illinois who pursue enterprise excellence through the ILPEx Recognition Program, and the impacts of their commitment to excellence.

Take a unique look at an evidence-based resource for improved results and competitiveness to help you:

  • Create a strategic guide for measuring success
  • Deliver objective feedback on strengths and opportunities for improvement
  • Engage leadership and create the future generation of leaders
  • Pursue unparalleled professional development


IMEC offers the ILPEx Recognition Program as the Illinois award program, but this pursuit of excellence is far from being only about awards.

Cost: $15 per person; includes workshop materials and lunch

Registration Deadline: October 19, 2018

Sponsors: IMEC, Southern Illinois Healthcare, Southern Illinois University Economic Development

Presenters:  ILPEx Award for Excellence recipients, ILPEx Recognition Program examiners and judges, IMEC team members

Contact Name: Emily Lee

Contact Phone: 309-677-4633

Contact Email: elee@imec.org

October 30th at the SIUC Dunn-Richmond Economic Development Center. 10:30 – 1:30
https://www.imec.org/event/enterprise-excellence-so-ill- 103018/

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