Nominations for 2012-2013 Section 1304

Sunday, January 15, 2012
Dear Members of Section 1304,

It’s time to start talking about electing next year’s officers. As has been done in past years, our section Leadership Committee has approved a slate of officers as nominated by our nominating committee for next year at the LC meeting.

The following section members are nominated for office next year:

– Rod Toro for Section Chair—(previously Chair-Elect)
– Ed Vallaroni for Chair-Elect—(previously Education Chair)
– Denise Arthur for Vice Chair—(previously Secretary)
– Gail Keefe for Secretary—(previously Spring Conference Entertainment Chair)
– Katarina Gowen for Treasurer—(previously Spring Conference Treasurer)

With your support I am confident they will do their best for our section. I encourage you to support each of them.

BUT, if for some reason you feel the need or desire to nominate someone else, our by-laws cover how to proceed. Only ASQ regular members can hold section offices. They must be nominated by petition of ten Regular Members of section 1304. So if you feel compelled to nominate someone else, submit their name and ASQ member number, along with your name and ASQ member number, and the names and member numbers of nine other Regular Members to our current secretary Denise Arthur by email at:
Any additional nominations must be received by 2/21/2011. Our section elections will take place at our March section meeting. If there is not more than one nominee for an elected position, we will declare elected by acclamation the above slate of officers at our March meeting. If someone else is nominated, those Regular Members in attendance at our March meeting will cast votes with the candidate receiving a plurality declared elected.

It’s a great time to be part of the quality profession! Mark your calendar for the St. Louis Spring Conference on Friday, April 20. Only for the month of January you can register for the low price of $199. We’ve lined up a great day of well-known national speakers, along with workshops, entertainment (wine tasting, as well) in the evening, and much, much more. It’s an event you won’t want to miss. More details and sign up information is available on our website:

Sincerely, Kim Rochetti
Chair, St. Louis Section ASQ or 314-740-1363

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