Nomination Communication to 1304 Saint Louis ASQ Members

Open Letter to All 1304 ASQ STL Members;


Rod Toro, Chairman STL ASQ 1304


The election process for next year is here. This applies to elected officers only. An ASQ Section is required to elect a Chair, Secretary and Treasurer. A Chair-elect and/or Vice Chair may be elected if Section policy directs it. Our section has had a Chair-elect that is responsible for the Annual Spring Conference. This past year we elected both a Chair-elect and a Vice Chair. The Chair-elect, unfortunately, resigned before much activity had been completed for the Spring Conference. Therefore, so far we have not been able to sponsor a Conference this year.

All section terms are from Jan 1, 2014- Dec. 31, 2014.



Jan 2013

Appoint Nominating Committee Chair

Jan 2013

Calls made or invitation letters sent to potential committee members.

Feb 2013

Nominating Committee reviews process and prepares to nomination cycle.

Feb-Mar, 2013

Nominating Committee nominates at least one eligible candidate per office. 30 days before the Nominating Committee slate is presented, a call for nominations is published o the general membership with instructions for adding their nomination by petition (see template).


If there is one candidate for any position, they can be declared elected at the next meeting. If multiple candidates are received for any position, an election is required. (see detail above)

* Allow enough time for election to meet the submission deadline.

May 1

Submit elected officers to ASQ.

The Nominating Committee Chair presented the following slate of officers for the 2014 year-

Chairman– Denise Arthur

Vice- Chair– Rod Toro

Secretary- Cindy Duhigg

Treasurer– Katarina Gowins

I have chosen not to accept the Vice-Chair nomination. Due to my current situation, I thought it would be best for this section if I did not take on this responsibility.

Remember, we have had traditionally a Chair-elect that would move up to the Chair position after being in charge of the Spring Conference. If you would like to nominate someone for any of the above positions (Chair, Vice-Chair, Chair-Elect, Secretary, Treasurer), as an ASQ 1304 section member in good standing, you may do so. It simply takes a petition with 10 names that support this nomination on it. (The signatures must be of members who are in good standing with this section.) Please present your petition to any of the Leadership Committee members or to myself, no later than the March meeting (March 19th, 2013).


Radames Toro

STL ASQ Chairman Section 1304

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