Murali Mariappan 17 APR 2018 ASQ Dinner Meeting at Spazio

Murali Mariappan, VP – Operational Excellence Manager, Citi

Tuesday, Apr 17, 2018

Facilitating Virtual Problem-Solving Events

Traditional tools assume participants in any group activity be co-located to solve common process problems. But in this era of increasing globalization where processes span the country and sometime continents, it is necessary to engage the wide variety of participants who are geographically distributed to solve inevitable process issues. In addition, employers have been using the perk of remote work to attract and retain workers in an increasingly competitive talent landscape, especially given low unemployment rates, making improvements to geographically distributed processes increasingly important.

This session is a reflection of our experience in facilitating an improvement event where there were nine participants located in nine different locations across the United States. The unique challenges in trying to communicate and problem solve in a virtual environment is discussed.

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand how improvements can be facilitated with geographically distributed teams.
  • Learn the preparations needed to make virtual engagement successful.
  • Discover the virtual collaboration tool capabilities needed to facilitate remote teams.
  • Get tips to save money on travel.

Murali Mariappan

VP – Operational Excellence Manager
Citi, Chesterfield, Missouri

Murali Mariappan is VP – Operational Excellence Manager at Citi. He has more than 20 years of Continuous Improvement implementation experience in a variety of manufacturing and Service environments, Banking, Pharmacy Benefit Management industry, medical device manufacturing, High-Volume automotive products and High-Mix/Low Volume manufacturing environments. He is a certified Six Sigma Black Belt. Murali has a master’s degree in Industrial Engineering and Bachelors degree in Mechanical Engineering.

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