Matt Levy 07 Jul 2022 ASQ VIRTUAL 6PM Presentation

Thursday, July 7, 2022 VIRTUAL 6PM Presentation

Levy, Matt

Matt Levy

Developing Analytics Maturity to Improve Quality Performance

Data and analytics can improve and maintain quality and performance at any organization. Whether it is for product quality, process improvement, customer satisfaction, or any other measurable target, a rich data-driven program can help leaders identify gaps and opportunities to act on and remediate issues.
Many organizations have data but no clear strategy on how to use it, or only know how to be reactive. And some others might have an entirely chaotic approach with little to no data strategy at all. But getting to quality information and an organization based on data-based decision-making depends on analytics maturity.

To get there requires not only a plan to measure and analyze data for quality, but also on the quality of the data itself.  It is essential to build a strategy that enables end to end success, starting with data management and architecture, and ending with descriptive and ultimately predictive analytics.  Once you’re organization has the right foundation for analytics, the sky is the limit to improve quality across all aspects of your business.

Matt Levy

– 10+ years experience as analytics, BI and data science professional
– 15+ years consulting, solution delivery and program management
– BS Economics (Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania)
– JD (Tulane University Law)
– MS Applied Analytics (SLU)
– Live with wife and 2 young kids, and 2 puppies in STL


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