LC Meeting Minutes May 14, 2012


St. Louis Section 1304

Minutes of May 14, 2012

Granite City Food and Brewery in St. Louis, MO


Participants:   Denise Arthur – Secretary, Randy Thompson, Rod Toro, John O’Reilly, Kunita Gear, Gail Keefe, Jim Hartigan, Katarina Gowns


Meeting called to order at 6:12 p.m. by Rod.  A quorum was not present.


The April 9, 2012 meeting minutes motion to approve by Gail and seconded by Randy.


Financial Report by Randy


Financial Report:

MM Balance – $62,395.68

Checking Balance – $13,265.05

Additional Deposits – None

Outstanding Checks – 6 for $4,360.95

Petty Cash – $150.00

Total Section Balance – $71,449.78


Treasurers Notes:


Transferred $10K from MM to checking for spring conference expenses.

Submitted the quarterly financial report to ASQ.


  • Action:  Kat will reconcile outstanding balance due to Hilton for conference.


QMP for 2010-2011 by John


Membership Certification, Meeting Attendance, Membership Meeting Satisfaction, Spring Conference Attendance, and Half Day Workshops will meet goal.


Total Members Section with 50 student members, Senior Members, and Membership Retention are at risk.


Certification Refresher Classes by Ed


No Report


Certification Exams by Eric


No Report


Spring Conference Update/Debrief by Rod


See attached spreadsheet.


June LC Meeting June 4 – Website updates by Kim


No Report


Jim Hartigan Lean Six Sigma Project


Membership retention is the proposed Green Belt project for the section. Team members will be recruited at the next Membership Dinner Meeting.


  • Action:  LC attendees will bring back any information related to membership retention



List of officers and chairs


Chair – Radames Toro

Auditing Chair – Randy Thompson

Historian – Stephen Mundwiller

Certification Chair – Eric Schellenberg

Chair Elect – Edward Vallorani

Education Chair – Jesse Stevenson

Recertification Chair – Kunita Gear

Membership Chair – John O’Reilly

Treasurer – Katarina Gowns

Nominating Committee Chair – Kimberly Rochetti

Secretary – Gail Keefe

Vice Chair – Denise Arthur

Website – Linh Dye

Social Media – Amy Slovacek




____________________                                                       ____________________

Denise Arthur                                                                         Kim Rochetti

Secretary                                                                                 Chair


Approved on __________, 2012



(Secretary’s initials)


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