LC Meeting Minutes – August 15, 2011

St. Louis Section 1304
Minutes of August 15, 2011
John Mineo’s Restaurant in St. Louis, MO

Participants: Kim Rochetti – Chair, Denise Arthur – Secretary, Tony Indihar, John O’Reilly, Ed Vallorani, Randy Thompson, Kunita Gear, Jim Ebone, Steve Mundwiller

Meeting called to order at 6:06 p.m. by Kim and was seconded. A quorum was present.

The July 11, 2011 meeting minutes were approved.

Treasurer’s Financial Report by Randy

John moved that we close the CD and open a money market account and was seconded by Ed. Call to vote and was unanimous approval.

For the July statement: CD Balance $55,775.57 Checking Balance $24,600.93 Additional Deposits none; Outstanding Checks 3 for $413.32; Petty Cash $150 for a total section balance $80,113.18.

Treasurers Notes: Received payments for bounced checks from March Meeting. Completed ASQ 2010-11 audit and financial report and submitted on 8/12/11. Awaiting response from ASQ on the acceptance of report. The section lost $1,741.52. CD balance is no longer available on banking statements. Recommendation to the LC that the section close the CD and open money market account. The Money Market can be on statement and currently pays for more than the no-risk CD (>0.1%).

QMP Report

 Action: It appears that the section has made 7 out of 8 goals. John to report final numbers at September meeting.

1. Member Certification – Total of 60 certifications earned – 122 Actual
2. Meeting Attendance – Average of 60 attendees per Membership Meeting – __Actual
3. Membership Meeting Satisfaction Score – Average Meeting Survey score of 4.0 out of a possible 5.0 (8 meetings)- 4.3 Actual
4. Total Membership Section 1304 – Total membership of 900 members – Actual ___ members
5. Membership retention – Renewal rate of 70% of membership – 75.6% Actual
6. Half-day workshops – Have a total of at least 2 half day workshops – 3 Actual
7. Spring Conference Attendance – Have 100 attendees at the St. Louis Spring Conference – 116 Actual
8. New Senior Members – Have at least 20 new Senior Members – ___ Actual

Education Report

 Action: Ed will create policies to for late sign ups and refunds for class withdrawals. Ed will submit the proposed policies at the September LC meeting.
 Action: Ed will collect survey results and expenses related to offering on-line classes to present at the September LC meeting.

Financial Planning Team

 Action: John, Rod, Randy, and Kim will meet to go over financial plan. Kim will coordinate meeting time and location. A report will be available at the September LC meeting.

Spring Conference

 Action: LC to submit any local speakers that will draw a large group of people to Rod.


Proposals for retention:

o Welcome banner for new members
o Announce or recognize new members at meeting
o Name tags with a different color or a dot
o Different colored name tags for guest
o Host duties – LC member assigned to new members
o Call new members
o Welcome packets

 Action: LC will perform host duties for new members at September membership meeting.
 Action: LC to sit at different tables during the membership meetings to talk with more members.
 Action: Kunita will follow up with Linh about how to add special name tag for new members for September meeting.
 Action: Kunita to send note to people who are nearing the end of their year of membership to remind them to renew and to add ASQs scholarship information for those in-between jobs.
 Action: Kim to acknowledge new member, guests, those who have recently earned a certification, and senior members at the membership meetings.

September Meeting/Volunteers

 Action: Kim, Denise and Steve to run bar. Tony and John to run grill. Kunita, Randy, Ed, and Amy for registration. Jim to be host. Randy will order the meat. Tony will work with caterer for rest of food.

Future Meeting Venues

o Engineers Hall – September
o Syberg’s – October
o Sheraton – November/December
o Favazzas – January


 Action: Kim to contact Sailesh about being a backup to website.
 Action: Kim to get website access for Ed so he can update the education page of the website.

Financial Audit

Minor issues were identified and corrected. Financial audit passed.

Randy motioned to adjourn, seconded and approved at 8:42 p.m.

____________________ ____________________
Denise Arthur Kim Rochetti
Secretary Chair

Approved on ________, 2011

(Secretary’s initials)

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