LC Meeting Minutes August 12, 2012

St. Louis Section 1304

Minutes of August 13, 2012

Granite City Restaurant in St. Louis, MO


Participants:   Rod Toro- Chair, Gail Keefe-Secretary, Kim Rochetti, Randy Thompson, John O’Reilly, Jim Hartigan, Jesse Stevenson, Eric Schellenberg, Kunita Gear, Denise Arthur, Jim Ebone, Rob Herhold, Tony Indihar, Steve Mundwiller, Linh Dye

 Meeting was called to order at 6:00 p.m. by Rod Toro.  A quorum was present.

Members introduced themselves.

 The June 4, 2012 meeting minutes were reviewed:  A motion was made to approve the minutes by Randy Thompson and seconded by Eric Schellenberg.   Minutes were approved as written.

 Old Business:


Financial Report by Treasurer Randy Thompson

 Treasurer’s Notes: Randy Thompson covered the financials for the first half of 2012.

 Account Information FY11/12:  Total income $60,600.28. Expenses: $69,229.96.  Net loss: $8,619.58.   The Section1304 balance as of June 30, 2012 was $66, 520.19. 

 Spring Conference:  Revenue was $14,873, Expenses were $16,457.  Net= -$1584

       Action:  Jim Ebone volunteered to audit first 6 months of 2012 financials.

 Programs by Steve Mundwiller

The September Meeting will be at the Engineers Club on the 18th of that month: It will feature steak and open bar.  The speaker, Mike Simms, will be speaking on a new type of Lean manufacturing called Toyota Kata. The other part of meeting will be a structured networking time (speed networking).

In October 11th or 12th, Forest Breyfogle is a potential speaker (at no charge).  A motion was made by Steve Mundwiller that we move the October meeting from Tuesday 16th to Thursday 11th if  Forest  Breyfogle is confirmed to be available on that night.  John O’Reilly 2nded the motion.  The Motion carried.  If this doesn’t work out Steve Mundwiller will arrange a different speaker.

 Jim Ebone suggested giving a gift of the month at the meetings.

Steve Mundwiller suggested combining the November/December meeting and making it the first Tuesday of December at Westport.  He recommends that a fun activity for December meeting be a Trivia night.

2012-2013 Goals by Denise Arthur-John O’Reilly

Below are listed last year goals along with a few notes concerning last year’s performance.  The asterisked goals are those that the members suggested so far as goals for the 2012-2013 year:

 *Total members Section 1304 [Note:  As of July 1, Paid members = 712; unpaid-158]

*Membership Certification

*Meeting Attendance

  Membership Meeting Satisfaction

  Membership retention


 Spring Conference Attendance

 Senior members [Note: 32 new in 2011- through 6/2012]

*Application for a fellow.

 Action:  Rob H. suggested application for Show Me Challenge for improving an organization as a goal. Kim R. will   follow up and get more information.

Action: John O’Reilly will submit results for this past year by end of this month.

Action:  Denise will submit the new plan by October.         

Action: John, Rod, and Denise will finalize list of 2012-2013 goals.

Budget by Rod Toro

Rod Toro presented and the committee reviewed proposed budget below.

Randy moved to accept the budget as presented. Jim Ebone seconded the motion.  Motion carried.

The committee discussed 2 pricing levels for monthly meetings- section members and others.  A motion was made by Denise A. and seconded by John O.   Steve Mundwiller made a motion to table this.  Jim Ebone 2nded that.  The motion to table the discussion carried.  It was decided that we need to study in more detail and will discuss at a later date.

Proposed Trip to Peoria by Denise Arthur

Event:  Nov 9 Caterpillar tour.  Maximum 45 on bus. For the factory tour, the members will pay directly to the SME St. Louis Chapter.  It’s a joint venture with our chapter and their chapter. 

Action:  Put ad on website

Black Belt Project- ASQ Section 1304 Member Retention by Jim Hartigan

Jim went over the preliminary survey results.   A brief summary follows.

Surveys from Long time members

Average number of meetings attended last year =2.59.

Extent that topic and presenters impact decision to attend= score 4.15 out of 5.

Interested in attending via internet=50% yes

What was particularly enjoyed at section meetings= Networking, presentations, RUs.

Surveys from new or unpaid members

Primary reason for going to meeting is certification, learn about quality profession.

Average number of meetings attended last year= 1.41

Primary industry = Pharmaceuticals

Number of certifications = 1.37.

Who pays dues=paid for them by their companies.

About 50% interested in attending via internet

Presenter has less impact on whether they attend.

Reasons for not attending conference or monthly meeting (schedule conflict) 

     Action:  Get more data especially from new members (Jim).

Website by Linh Dye

Linh assisted getting information uploaded to the chapter’s new website.

Date for the new website to go into effect will be August 17, 2012 at the latest.

New Business

Herbert McMahon Educational Grant will be discussed in October.

Around the Table

Jesse Stevenson would like some assistance in transitioning to being in charge of Education but he may need to wait until Ed Vallorani gets back.

Kim has a black belt book and green belt book and brochures that she will give to Jesse.  She also mentioned that there is a person who contacted her who would like to be trained as a greenbelt.  Jesse will contact him.

Rob H. reported SAC special project funds may be available for funding conferences and maybe that would keep us from losing money on conferences.

Eric reported on certification exams. 40 out of 55 passed.  75 signed up.  20 no shows. 

Steve requested volunteers for the September meeting.  He would also like someone to help him on the Programs committee.  He’d like to focus more on the historian role.


Rob H motioned to adjourn, seconded by Randy T and approved.  The meeting was adjourned at 8:20pm.

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Gail Keefe                                                                               Rod Toro

Secretary                                                                                 Chair

Approved on __________, 2012


(Secretary’s initials)

 Next LC October 9, 2012    Location TBD     

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