LC Meeting Minutes April 9, 2012

St. Louis Section 1304

Minutes of April 9, 2012

Meglio’s in St. Louis, MO

 Participants:   Kim Rochetti – Chair, Gail Keefe filling in for Denise Arthur – Secretary, Randy Thompson, Tony Indihar, Ed Vallorani, Rod Toro, John O’Reilly, Jim Ebone, Chris Anderson, Linh Dye, Katrina Gowins.

 Meeting called to order at by 6:00 p.m. by Kim.  A quorum was present.

 The March 12, 2012 meeting minutes:  A motion was made to approve the minutes by Tony Indihar and seconded by Jim Ebone.  Minutes approved as written.

 Financial Report by Randy

Treasurer’s Notes:

 Account Information: The current section balance is $83,608.61.

The financial audit was accepted by ASQ national.

 Action: Randy will submit the quarterly financials (for Jan 1 through March 31) to ASQ by the end of April.

 QMP for 2010-2011 by John

Seven surveys were received at last month’s section meeting.

3 applications for senior membership were received and John will submit them.

64 people were present at the last month’s section meeting (69 people paid).

The membership meeting satisfaction score for March was 4.6 out of 5.

There is no data yet on March certifications.

 Action:  John will submit the 3 senior membership applications.

 Certification Refresher Classes by Ed

 There are 8 signed up for CQA, 4 for CQE, and 6 for CSSGB courses totaling $1200. 

There have been 60 students this year so far

Year to date total income less total expenses = $3933.

 Spring Conference  April 20th  by Rod

 Income so far is $12,000 with another estimated $2500 from exhibitors (total $14,500).

There will be 6 exhibitors.

We need 15 more people to break even.

Rod discussed the Thursday evening reception for speakers which is tentatively scheduled for 7pm, 4/19 at the Doubletree.  This may be cancelled because of the lack of participation by AIIM and the cost is $640.  A decision will be made on whether to cancel by 4/16.

Rod reported that Angela Robert (Doubletree Event Sales) has encouraged heavy advertising because in her experience she sees a link between the numbers of emails sent versus registration success.

Rod reported that SEED’s presentation and performance has been moved to 12:45pm at the conference.

Conference committee members will arrive at the conference at 8am on 4/20.  The Leadership Committee is encouraged to arrive around 9:30am.

Ed agreed to introduce Rhonda when she speaks.

Jim will emcee the evening banquet at the conference.

There was some discussion about use of colored t-shirts for the workers at the conference but that idea was not agreed to.

 There was a discussion of an honorarium for speakers.  It was agreed that the speakers would receive a thank you letter and that Rod was authorized to give them a $25 visa gift card.

 There was also some discussion about 2 rooms being available.  Ed and Linh suggested that perhaps these could be raffled to encourage registration.

 Action:  Gail will contact Rhonda Graham to send exhibitor information to Ed Vallorani

Action:  Rod to forward copy of brochure to Linh Dye.

Action:  Rod will decide by 4/16 whether to cancel the 4/19 speaker reception.

Action:  Ed will send emails about the conference to section membership on 4/10, 4/12, and 4/18.

Action:  Rod will check with Steve Highland about AV equipment.

Action:  LC should bring flip charts if they have any.  10 flip charts are needed.

Action:  Kim will supply the banner to Gail who will take it to Angela Roberts at Doubletree.

Certification Exams by Eric

Eric not present

 Social Media by Amy

Amy not present

 Historical Information (from ASQ)  by Denise

Denise not present

 May Meeting Speakers by Kim

 Kim reported that the 2 speakers in May will be Chris Anderson (LDMS) and Mary Kausch (Engaging Your Workforce).

 Randy said that he would order steaks for the May meeting.

World Conference Signup/Question

Kim checked with the LC that the people who were attending the conference had made their travel arrangements.

 Around the Table

 Linh provided written instructions for updating the website.  The LC members will meet on June 4 to update the new website.  The meeting will take place at Chris’s place, 4633 World Parkway, 63134 (near airport).

 Jim suggested that, to address the poor survey response that at the next meetings the LC members should encourage those sitting at their tables to fill out the surveys.

 Rod suggested a 6 sigma activity for Jim H on membership retention.

 Ed and Linh suggested that the 2 hotel rooms at the doubletree be raffled as an enticement to register for the conference.

 Tony motioned to adjourn, seconded by Jim and approved at 8:40pm.

____________________                                                       ____________________

Denise Arthur                                                                         Kim Rochetti

Secretary                                                                                 Chair

Approved on __________, 2012


(Secretary’s initials)

 Next LC May 14, 2012         

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