LC Meeting Minutes November 27, 2012

St. Louis Section 1304

Minutes of November 27, 2012

Edge Wild Restaurant in St. Louis, MO


Participants:   Rod Toro- Chair, Gail Keefe-Secretary, Katarina – Finance, Kim Rochetti, Randy Thompson, Jesse Stevenson, Eric Schellenberg, Denise Arthur, Jim Ebone, Rob Herhold, Tony Indihar

 The meeting was called to order at 6:08pm

 Approval of the Minutes:  The October 22, 2012 meeting minutes were reviewed.  Randy Thompson moved to approve the minutes, Tony Indihar seconded the motion.  The motion carried and the minutes were approved.

Committee Reports:

Treasurer report by Katarina

Bank account balances as of /11/27/12

  • Checking account $15,397.52
  • Money Market  $62,466.55

$50 posted from Quality council of Indiana on 11/6

$6,785 worth of checks written for instructors (and one to Engineers club) this past week

 One check outstanding from previous for $45 to Kunita for postage

Action: Kunita needs to process a check from October.  Katarina will contact her.

QMP Measures report was presented by Denise Arthur

Metric Definition 2012/2013 Goal Ave/Total





Member Certification Total section certifications earned 2012 – 2013  75 New Certifications




Meeting Attendance Average Meeting Attendance 60 Attendees




Total Membership Section 1304 Total Paid Membership 750 Members





Exam Pass Rate Students completing Section courses 80% Students Pass




New Member Retention Rate Retain new members that joined from Jan., 2012 to June 30, 2012.  80% Renew in 2013





Half-Day Workshop/Factory tours Number of 1/2 day workshops/factory tours offered in 2012 – 2013 3 Offerings





Submit Minimum Requirement Goals on time Section Dates:  February 15 Financial Audit; May 15 Officer/committee positions; September 1 Completed business plan from previous year; October 1 Business plan and budget.  Quarterly cash reporting 7/20/2012, 10/20/2012, 4/20/2012 100% Required Documents




Activities posted for sign up on website Activities such as meetings, workshops, classes, conferences, etc posted on website for sign up 4 weeks in advance of scheduled event.  [Pass/Fail] 90% average of all Activities posted for members to sign up







Discussed possible actions for the on-time posting goal.  Rod suggested having a central point of contact.  No volunteers at this time.

Certification/Exams (Eric Schellenberg):  October exams pass rate was 64% for those who did not attend Chapter sponsored preparation classes (25 individuals); and the pass rate was 100% for those who did attend chapter sponsored preparation classes (8 individuals). The boost in performance due to the preparation classes was most pronounced for the CSSBB test.

68 people are signed up for exams on Dec 1.

Education (Jesse Stevenson):  Jesse has developed a draft interactive tutorial that shows the duties of the Education Chair, so that whoever has this position will be able to insert a disc and they can go through the tutorial and have a good understanding of the duties of the Education Chair.  This will improve the transitioning process in the future.  The program he is using is called Articulate which is a software tool that is used for instructions on how to do work or follow a process. .

Old Business:

December 4 meeting:  Upcoming December 4 membership meeting discussed by Jim and Tony- 46 people signed up for the meeting so far.  It will be held at the St. Louis Hilton Airport.  There will be a Trivia contest. Questions cover trivia topics including quality trivia. There will be 4 rounds 10 questions each.  Denise Arthur has arranged prizes.  Tony asked if we want a cheese and cracker tray at the December meeting.  The group said yes.

Action:  Need pencils, copies of answer sheets.

Action:  need labels badges and list for the meeting next week.

New Business:

January 15 Membership Meeting:  The meeting will be held at Favazza’s.  John DiMaria will speak after dinner about Cloud Service Providers.   Kim Rochetti will speak before dinner on Deployment of Strategic Operating Systems.

Future meetings:

Action:  We need 2 speakers for March and April meetings.


Randy Thompson mentioned that the financial audit will be in January.

Tony Indihar will post scholarship options on our web page.

Ed Vallorani resigned as chair-elect.  We are not replacing.

Rob Herhold (regional director) made some suggestions to the LC.  1) When the audit takes place in January, it should confirm that the process is being followed correctly (i.e. non-budgeted expenditures have advance LC approval; payments for services have check requests).  2) The LC should review the job descriptions/responsibilities of the officer positions if they haven’t already to ensure that all are aware of them.  3) Work toward having meetings (LC and membership meetings) that are scheduled at routine times of the month (i.e. same week and day each month) to assist with scheduling.

Eric Schellenberg suggested that if the audit identifies any problems, that the LC should do the sort of root cause analysis and develop corrective actions in the same manner engineers would in other processes.

Email List (Gail Keefe):  The email list for the LC was sent out to members to confirm or correct e-mail addresses.  All have responded and the new email list will be sent out separately.


A motion to adjourn was made by Tony Indihar and seconded by Jim Ebone.  The motion carried and the meeting was adjourned at 7:40 pm.


____________________                                                ____________________

Gail Keefe, Secretary                                                                             Rod Toro, Chair

Approved on:_____12/11/12_______________                                           _______________

(Secretary’s initials)

The next LC Committee meeting will be held 12/11/12; location TBD.  

Note:  Until further notice the LC will meet the 2nd Tuesday of every month. The agenda is a standing agenda which has been used for the past 3 meetings.





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