Ian Meggarrey: Quality Management Isn’t Rocket Science, but It Helps

Ian Meggarrey

Ian Meggarrey

Tuesday, Jan 21, 2014 Sunset 44 Bistro

Launching a satellite into orbit is no small feat.  Add in a multi-national workforce from four continents and components from all around the globe, and what could possibly go wrong?

This presentation covers some of the good, the bad, and the ugly from just such an endeavor.  Can you figure out the final result before it is revealed?

A personal account of Quality Management in action, of a satellite launch Ian supported in South America a few years ago.

Ian Meggarrey, National Security and Intelligence Group Quality Manager at Camber Corporation

During 21 years in the Air Force, Ian Meggarrey’s innovative nature got him in trouble almost as often as it got him awards. Never content to “shut up and color,” Ian made a career of taking on the challenges and risks to make things better.

Although he has traded his uniform for a suit, Ian has hardly changed his ways— perhaps a bit more diplomatic. He has helped develop innovative solutions for over 25 years as creator, connector, developer, and/or doer. Ian’s contributions to innovations have ranged from removal of redundant paperwork, to global management systems, to cyber simulators.”

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