Chairman’s Message

Welcome to American Society for Quality  Saint Louis Section (1304)


Transition times can be times of turmoil and stress.  We have just started a new ASQ Section year (2012-2013) with a new slate of officers and a new focus for this upcoming year.


                  – First Things First—


I want to thank each member for giving me the opportunity to serve you as Chairman for 2012-2013.  I am honored to follow a string of really strong chairmen from Kimberly Rochetti to John O’Reily to Steve Mundweiller and many others.  Only through these and all the other volunteers have we been as successful as we have been in the past. 


                  – Focus for 2012-2013—


I would like the overall goal for this upcoming year to be: Retaining members by providing better service. For most, I hope this is an obvious point.  Unfortunately, there may be a tendency to become so wrapped up in doing programs or events without considering whether this is the best opportunity we have to meet the needs of our members.  This will be a challenge but something that should be one of our major goals.  We are here to serve you.  To help us reach this goal we are sponsoring a Black Belt project specifically to address membership retention.  ASQ has previously had a National Retention project to retain membership.  From what we have learned at the national level along with this current project, I hope we can implement some new ideas and solutions that truly make a difference for each one of you.  Since this is so critical, please feel free to send me any ideas or suggestions to–



                  – Fast Facts—


I am very thankful for every member that helped us achieve the Gold Excellence award and Total Quality status for our section accomplishments for 2011-2012.  Next year; we’d like to maintain this status and celebrate at the ASQ World Conference being held in Indianapolis from May 6th through the 8th.  I hope many of you can join us for this outstanding conference!


Also, our spring conference is tentatively scheduled for the first week in April.  This may seem early, however the ASQ World Conference is early in May.  Ed Vallorani will spearhead this event for us.

ASQ has changed our fiscal year to start in January versus July.  Right now, we are not sure when all aspects of what we do will follow this same time period.  We have already changed the financial cycle and probably will have some better direction on how to transition other things like electing officers.  Regardless, our Leadership Committee is committed to striving to provide excellence in everything we do.

The newly elected officers include:

Rod Toro- Chairman-

Denise Arthur- Vice-Chairman

Ed Vallorani- Chair-Elect

Gail Keefe- Secretary

Katarina Gowins- Treasurer


We are here to serve you. Please consider volunteering in some way this upcoming year!


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