Luciana Paulise 2 JUNE 2020 ASQ VIRTUAL Presentation

Luciana Paulise, Biztorming Training & Consulting

Tuesday, June 2, 2020 VIRTUAL Presentation

How to Drive a Culture of Innovation

Innovation cannot be dictated; you cannot simply ask people to come up with the best ideas. What you can do is build a culture where innovation can flourish organically. The context that supports the company, the structure of the teams, and the role of the leaders are three key drivers of company culture. Front-runner companies have discovered how to play these factors to promote a culture of innovation.

This presentation will showcase how companies like Google, Pixar, and Zappos drive continuous innovation and will brainstorm with the audience how to apply these practices in other industries. Learning Objectives: Understand the ROI of culture; learn the key drivers to a culture of innovation; and identify actionable items to promote innovation within your own organization.

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David Muncaster 17 JUNE 2020 ASQ VIRTUAL Presentation

David Muncaster, Senior Program Manager, Sales Operations at Staples Business Advantage Canada

Wednesday, June 17, 2020 VIRTUAL Presentation

Creating and Maintaining Great Teams in Times of Change

Creating and maintaining great teams has always been paramount for anyone in the Quality or project management realm. However at times, we see an even more pressing need to ensure our teams work well and that we, as leaders, manage our teams through change. Join us to walk through what teams need to be successful, how we as leaders need to provide the baseline for behavior during times of change, and how we can ensure our teams remain effective and engaged.
David will go over some “tips and tricks”, share some best practices he has seen over his work career, and offer real world examples that can implement at your organization. There is a saying “May you live in interesting times,” but these can also be a time for opportunity. Learn how to ensure your teams thrive in these “interesting times”!
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Timothy Woodcome 22 JUNE 2020 ASQ VIRTUAL Presentation

Timothy Woodcome

Timothy Woodcome, Business Unit Director, NQA

Monday, June 22, 2020 VIRTUAL Presentation

Heads Up on Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC)

The DoD’s CMMC (Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification) is quickly developing and will ultimately affect over 300,000 Defense Industrial Base (DIB) contractors.  Effectively the In short, contractors at all levels of the DIB will need to achieve third-party certification to CMMC, or risk being deemed ineligible to be awarded DoD contracts.  This overview presentation is a good first step to sort through fact and fiction about the forth-coming CMMC program in order to better understand what CMMC will mean to your organization.  We will review the basic requirements of CMMC, the various levels of CMMC, and the timeline for the forthcoming release.  Ample time will be allocated to Q&A to ensure that as many specific situations and questions can be addressed.

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Ingrid Gudenas 30 JUNE 2020 ASQ VIRTUAL Presentation

Ingrid Gudenas

Ingrid Gudenas, CEO, Effective Training Solutions

Tuesday, June 30, 2020 VIRTUAL Presentation

Effective Communication Skills for Quality Professionals

It takes real communication ability to successfully lead an organization to adopt cutting edge quality principles, to gain vital support from senior leadership, and to collaborate with your peers. You can be a visionary, but it’s ultimately your communication skills that determine your effectiveness and success as a leader. It takes even greater communication skill to do it when you’re virtual.

This relevant and fast-paced webinar is just for you. We’re going to focus on the types of situations you face as a Quality professional. You’ll learn how to have a strong presence, express yourself clearly, persuade senior leadership of needed changes, effectively communicate the value of your ideas and your work, get other department leaders on board, and reduce the time it takes to get your ideas accepted.

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