Bill Hooper Awards Night 04 DEC 2018 ASQ Dinner at Sunset 44 Bistro

Bill Hooper, Adjunct Professor for the Center for Professional Studies in Technology and Applied Research at Purdue University

Close-Up Magic, Juggling and Copperfield

A creative hands-on approach to teaching Six Sigma

While Lean Six Sigma (LSS) has been widely accepted in manufacturing and service organizations, it’s acceptance in higher education has been slow. Universities are beginning to teach the concepts of LSS in courses, yet even fewer are actually applying these tools to their operations. Training and energizing students, faculty, staff, and administration to use Lean Six Sigma requires an interactive approach. Active participation by the learners is necessary for complex topics to be truly understood. This presentation will address a different model for teaching probability and statistics leading to an energized application of continuous improvement.

To understand and remember a subject, according to experts in the field, three areas must be in place: useful, relevant and interesting. It is necessary to transform the classroom from a passive to an active environment to improve the learning experience, increase content retention, and improve student engagement. This presentation will demonstrate several unique and unusual techniques to teach probability, statistics, and design of experiments including two innovative audience participation card illusions that provide creative ways to engage students.

  • “This was an outstanding presentation one of the best this section has had in years. The use of card illusion in this session was not only a unique method but highly entertaining. Demonstrating how the illusions were done and tying them in with probability theory and an FMEA was an extra added bonus. And need I not forget, about 75% of the audience learned how to juggle during his show!” — Manual Lopez, Ft. Wayne, Indiana ASQ”

Presentation Highlights

  • David Copperfield’s reverse hand illusion – An opening illusion performed and taught to all audience participants.
  • How the brain works – The science of how and why we remember a new subject.
  • Demonstration of an audience participation 1930’s illusion technique to explain the multiplication principle of probability.
  • A second card illusion developed by Bill Hooper and illusionist Ben Whiting to demonstrate the difference between combinations and permutations in probability theory.
  • Juggling to teach equipment reliability concepts (Mean Time Between Failure), Analysis of variance and Design of Experiments. In this exercise, all audience participants will be given three juggling scarves or juggling balls and in ten minutes taught the art and skill of juggling.
  • How to use Design of Experiments (DOE) to improve your juggling skills.
  • An innovative use of an FMEA. One of the card illusions will be taught to everyone in attendance through an entertaining but educational use of an FMEA.
  • Closing questions and answer session on the model and techniques.

Note:  His latest book will be available and for sale

Bill Hooper

Bill is Adjunct Professor for the Center for Professional Studies in Technology and Applied Research at Purdue University at West Lafayette, Indiana in addition to President of William Hooper Consulting, a firm he started in 2012 with the mission of teaching and applying the concepts of Lean Six Sigma for small and mid-sized companies. His company’s business model is centered around innovative courses taught primarily hands-on using card and coin illusion, the sport of juggling and experimental helicopters to teach such areas as probability, hypothesis experimental method, statistical process control, capability analysis, regression modeling and Design of Experiments. Bill has taught the courses throughout the US, Canada and internationally in Africa and the Middle East. He has applied the model for large scale improvements in quality, downtime, rework elimination and cycle time reduction for manufacturing and transactional companies.

Bill is the author of the 5-star reviewed book on published by CRC Press, Data, Statistics and Continuous Improvement: Using Creative Hands-on Techniques published with worldwide distribution in May of 2017.  He is also the author of numerous articles on how to teach statistics and probability and five-time speaker at the ASQ World Conference.

He has an undergraduate degree in Engineering, and an advanced degree in Business and holds five American Society for Quality Certifications including one of eighty-nine Certified Six Sigma Master Blacks.

Bill is also a semi-pro juggler having juggled 7 clubs, six machetes and six torches (not at the same time) with his son who is also a semi-pro juggler. He is also a trained close-up magician having worked as a volunteer for the not for profit company Open Heart Magic as a close-up magician in the Chicago area Children’s Hospitals.


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