Abhi Gupta 17 June 2021 ASQ VIRTUAL Presentation – 6PM

Abhimanyu (Abhi) Gupta, Instructor of data science and business analytics at the Richard A. Chaifetz School of Business at Saint Louis University

Thursday, June 17, 2021 VIRTUAL 6PM Presentation

Data Analytics, Information and Knowledge

There is a difference between information and knowledge. Knowledge is the information that helps us act better. In our life or business, we usually have access to a lot of information, but we sometimes struggle to convert them into knowledge. The discipline of data analytics guides us in converting information into patterns and insights in the current world. 

This workshop aims to demonstrate how some basic data analytics skills help us make better decisions in our business and life. In this session, we will first play a business simulation game. Then we will apply some fundamental data analytics concepts and techniques to learn how we can perform better. Lastly, we will apply our strategies to be better at the simulation game.

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St Louis Loucon 2021

Be part of the exciting team to plan our annual Quality Conference:

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Ryan Carris 20 May 2021 ASQ VIRTUAL Presentation – 7PM

Ryan Carris, MSc, CSSBB

Process Chemist, Sensient Colors LLC

Thursday, May 20, 2021 VIRTUAL 7PM Presentation

Six Sigma for Batch Processes

Batch processing is useful when user interaction isn’t required at each individual step. However, batch processes run less often and pack more variables into each step, which makes statistical tools harder to use, and requires investigators to rely on a combination of methods and skills to identify root causes.

This presentation will give a case study on the application of Six Sigma to an industrial batch process where Statistical Process Control alone would not have illuminated the root cause of quality failures.

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IATF Audit Help

Vitro in O’Fallon, MO is looking for consulting help for their upcoming IATF audit at the end of May.

If interested contact Dave Reck + 1 (636) 240-0047

Section 1304 Leadership Committee 2021

2021 Leadership Committee St. Louis Section 1304

Name Position Email
Dawn Newman Section Chair chair@asqstl.org
Rod Toro Vice Chair vice-chair@asqstl.org
Jessica Starling Treasurer treasurer@asqstl.org
Karen Heckman Secretary secretary@asqstl.org
Sandra Mohr Past Chair past-chair@asqstl.org
Randy Thompson Audit Chair audit@asqstl.org
Mark Lynch Membership Chair membership@asqstl.org
Tony Indihar Nominating Chair nominating@asqstl.org
John O’Reilly Program Chair program@asqstl.org
Tony Indihar Arrangements Chair arrangements@asqstl.org
Thomas Miller Community Outreach Chair community@asqstl.org
Thomas Leith Education Chair education@asqstl.org
Chris Anderson Website Chair webmaster@asqstl.org
Ed Vallorani Voice of the Customer Chair voc@asqstl.org
Loree Rowe Placement Chair placement@asqstl.org
Brandon Clough Mentorship Chair mentorship@asqstl.org
[open] Social Media Chair socialmedia@asqstl.org
Rod Toro Conference Chair conference@asqstl.org
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Karen Maskell and Awards 20 APR 2021 ASQ VIRTUAL Presentation – 6PM

Maskell, Karen

Karen Maskell, ASQ West North Central Region Director

Tuesday, April 20, 2021 VIRTUAL 6PM Presentation

National Volunteer Week and
ASQ 2020 Recognition

As a member-led organization we all have a part in building the future. Karen Maskell, our ASQ West North Central Regional Director, will highlight ASQ strategic priorities for 2021 and will share insights into how ASQ is evolving and adapting to continually improve for the future. She will explain the organizational structure and initiatives in place to engage members and provide value for the current and next generation community. This informative and interactive session provides an opportunity for you to ask Karen questions and contribute ideas to shape our path forward.

Finally, the ASQ St. Louis section will recognize three (3) award recipients for their 2020 efforts for the ASQ St. Louis section.

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Bridget Brown 25 MAR 2021 ASQ VIRTUAL 4PM Happy Hour Presentation

Bridget K. Brown

Owner | Chief Storytelling Officer StoryMatters, LLC

Thursday, Mar 25, 2021 VIRTUAL 4PM Happy Hour Presentation

Tools for Tough Conversations

Perhaps you need to have a tough conversation with a client, a co-worker or a family member.  We will define what that looks like, talk about the challenges and provide you with a few quick tools of how to go about listening better when these conversations arise. In this is an interactive zoom session, we will discuss and provide you with tools for how to have tough conversations.
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Michael Scofield 10 MAR 2021 ASQ VIRTUAL 6PM Presentation

Michael Scofield MBA

Michael Scofield, Assistant Clinical Professor, Loma Linda University

Wednesday, Mar 10, 2021 VIRTUAL 6PM Presentation

Covid-19 Data Quality Case Study

Managing a public health crisis requires reliable metrics, generally on an aggregate level.  Unlike many industrial processes, raw data about a pandemic is captured through a variety of distributed locations, events, and jurisdiction.  Data quality challenges abound.  Definitions of events, metrics, and timing of aggregates create ambiguities and uncertainties.
We will examine critical elements of the current pandemic including explaining how a virus works, definitions of antigens, antibodies, co-morbidity, false negatives, and long-haul symptoms resulting from Covid-19 infection.  We introduce a graphic model of the chain of events in a patient’s illness, and how we could benefit from more metrics with greater precision.  We will introduce the concept of the event-to-information supply chain and issues of timing and ambiguity of high-level metrics.  We show examples of political bias in expression and manipulation of information.  We will finally look at the quality challenges of vaccine testing and distribution.
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ASQ 1304 Section Member Spotlight – Dawn Newman

Dawn Newman is an Executive & Professional Coach and Organization Development Consultant

BIO:   Currently Dawn serves as Chair for the American Society for Quality (ASQ) St. Louis section and maintains ASQ CQE and CQA.

Dawn is an Executive & Professional Coach and Organization Development Consultant with a passion for Quality. She formed A New Dawn Coaching, LLC. in 2018 to focus on leadership coaching. Dawn’s multi-disciplined career includes leadership & technical roles in Organization Development, Supplier Program Management, Quality, Operations, and Human Resources. With over 15 years of leadership coaching experience, she enjoys helping leaders and teams build capabilities & accomplish results.

She has a Ph.D. in Organization Development an MBA and a Math degree.

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Dr. Randy Baker 25 FEB 2021 ASQ VIRTUAL 6PM Presentation

Dr. Randy Baker Adjunct Professor of Finance and Accounting Senior Manager (Retired) – The Boeing Company

Thursday, Feb 25, 2021 VIRTUAL 6PM Presentation

Obtaining Accurate and Compelling Data: Challenges and Importance

The purpose of this presentation is to discuss and highlight issues that lead to variability during the process of collecting, determining suitability, storing, updating and analysis of data for decision-making purposes.

Regardless if data is collected from operations, real-time feeds, or from computer-based / database warehousing, data often has further multi-faceted uses beyond the primary purposes of the original researcher, investigator, or analyst. Consequently, this presentation posits that a user’s knowledge of data accuracy from secondary data is likely not commensurate with its importance in terms of subsequent analysis and down-stream decisions resulting from secondary data set(s). 

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