Tom Crespi 21 MAR 2017 ASQ Meeting at Sybergs

Tom Crespi2

Tom Crespi, Manager, Change Management at Graybar

 Tuesday, Mar 21, 2017

 Engaging Employees in the Digital Age.

Digital transformation is a buzzword phrase these days, and arguably the transformation has been occurring for decades. Today, we can pick up our phones and do things that would previously take large computers to do, if they even could. At times digital becomes annoying, but tools are emerging that can allow us to engage employees on teams and in departments like never before, whether they’re in the same room or scattered across the globe. To Tom, the smart use of these tools is CI at work – they can keep teams more connected, helping them to get things done faster and better.   He looks forward to sharing his insights and real-world examples with you.

Tom Crespi
Manager, Change Management at Graybar

Tom Crespi began his career working in a succession of quality positions at Chevron and Monsanto. He made a mid-career shift to organizational change management, and is now working at Graybar, a Fortune 500 distributor based in St. Louis, MO. While his focus has shifted to assisting the organization to adapt successfully to new initiatives and processes, he maintains his interest in quality and continuous improvement, both within the change management work he does and by supporting Graybar’s CI team. Tom holds CQE and CQIA certifications from ASQ. On the digital side, Tom is the St. Louis Atlassian User Group Leader (over 400 members) and is a Box Certified Professional (less than 50 worldwide).

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