Supplier Quality Audits

Vicki Mercer, Senior Supplier Quality Specialist, Bausch & Lomb

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Your customer just requested to audit your facility.  Now what?  Your mind races: Is there something wrong? What do they want?  Do you have to show the auditor everything they want or jeopardize business relationships?

Perhaps you’re on the other side & are new to auditing suppliers.  Where do you start?  More importantly, how do you assess an entire company in a very short period of time and make a judgement call on whether or not the company is compliant?

There’s no need to panic!  This presentation will give you the insight you need to confidently host or perform audits.  It will include auditing fundamentals, the audit process, auditor competencies, auditing tools and techniques, and helpful tips.

Vicki Mercer, Senior Supplier Quality Specialist, Bausch & Lomb

Vicki is currently in the role of Senior Supplier Quality Specialist at Bausch & Lomb – St. Louis.  She manages three programs for the St. Louis facilities:  The Supplier Audit Program, the Approved Supplier List, and the Reduced Inspection Program.  Vicki performs all supplier audits for the St. Louis facilities, audits Contract Manufacturers (CMOs) for Bausch & Lomb regional/corporate/global partners, and conducts internal audits.  She holds four ASQ Certifications:  Certified Quality Auditor, Certified Six Sigma Green Belt, Certified Quality Engineer, and Certified Manager of Quality/Operational Excellence.  Vicki   recently joined the ASQ-St. Louis Leadership Committee in the position of Recertification Chair.


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