Steven Lembark 06 Apr 2022 ASQ VIRTUAL 6PM Presentation

Wednesday, Apr 6, 2022 VIRTUAL 6PM Presentation

Steven Lembark

Steven Lembark, Systems Consultant and Architect, Workhorse Computing

How to Use Non-Parametric Statistics

Non-parametric statistics address the large fraction of all the data we analyze that isn’t parametric. Much of the original work was first published dealing with psychiatric data and MIL Std QC using no-go gages.

The goal of both was to describe what isn’t numeric. This talk looks at a few of the underlying distributions, some methods for applying them, and a few examples from Real Life ™.

Steven Lembark – Workhorse Computing

Steven is a systems consultant and architect (a.k.a. “nerd”) working primarily in ETL, systems automation, and Bioinformatics. He got interested in statistics studying Industrial Engineering in college, primarily because most of the statistics they showed didn’t really describe what everyone was studying. He stumbled onto Non-parametric statistics writing a paper in an advanced statistics class and finally found a way to describe reality.


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