ASQ Recertification Basics

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Landing on this page means one of two things.  You either clicked the wrong button, or you are looking for guidance on how to recertify.  Assuming the later, there are some resources and insights I would like to share with you.

Recertification Resources

ASQ provides a lot of helpful information on recertification that I won’t duplicate here, but the links below will take you directly to those resources.

ASQ Recertifications for Quality is a one-click stop that tells the WHO and HOW of recertification.  This page also provides a link on how request a “retired” status for ASQ-certified professionals who are age 55 and retired from full-time, active employment.

Frequently Asked Questions address how to check your certifications and the recertification dates, how to determine if a program qualifies for recertification units, when to expect your new card/certificate and many others.

Top 3 Problems with STL Section 1304 Recertification Journal Submissions

  1. Out-of-Date recertification journal/application:  The main issue with using the wrong journal is that you will not be aware of the true costs of recertification.  I routinely receive journals from a time when the member fee was $30 for a single certification and $50 for two or more certifications.  Fees to recertify recently increased to $69 and $89 respectively.  While this is easily rectified, it does delay journal processing.  What should you do?  Download the most current journal application when you start assembling your recertification documentation.
  2. Incomplete documentation:  ASQ provides instructions and requirements for each category.  Pay close attention to the usage of words like PLUS and OR.  One of the top categories used in journal submissions is Professional Development.  Most submissions DO NOT provide complete documentation for this category which requires Proof of Attendance PLUS Activity Description.
  3. Extremes of the RU Continuum:  Journal submissions either barely contain enough points to recertify, or they contain enough points for 3 certifications.  If you only submit 18.9 RU, make sure that you have followed all of the requirements and your documentation is solid.  If you submit 42.0 RU, you should know that I stop reviewing once I reach the required 18.

Now that you’re armed with all of ASQ’s resources and you know the top 3 errors to avoid, you’re ready to complete your current recertification journal and email it to

To mail your information to the Engineers Club for now…,
starting Jan 01, 2019, you will need to use the link: ASQ Recertifications for Quality
If you must you can use the following address until Dec 31, 2018:
ASQ-St. Louis Section 1304
Recertification Chair
Engineers Club
4359 Lindell Blvd,
St. Louis, MO 63108

Online recertification is now available

  1. To get to your recertication Journal, you log into and go to “My Account” (In green box on the middle right.)
  2. Then click “certification” tab on the top blue menu bar.
  3. Then, “My recertification Journal” in in the Green box in the middle right of screen.
  4. You are now in your “Recertification Journal”

Note: It is very straightforward to enter the information. The direct link: will take you there, if you have a saved password.



…that ASQ does not count lunch or breaks toward contact hours?

An 8-hour training that includes 60 minutes for lunch and two 15-minute breaks equals 6.5 contact hours, or 0.65 RU.

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