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IE program at SIUE is looking for a qualified quality engineer who can teach a senior level course, titled Six Sigma, Quality & Process Improvement (IE 462) from fall 2019. Below is course objective that can be revised/customized depending on the needs:

This course will provide a comprehensive understanding of the role and value of Six Sigma as an integrated approach to solving process-based problems in Quality. It will also demonstrate the relevance of DMAIC to process improvement, as students apply its key tools to real-life processes. As an advanced topic, Design of Experiments may also be introduced.

Currently, class time of IE 462 is at 5 – 7:50 on Thursday. The class size of IE 462 is about 40. Please note that there is some flexibility in the class time and one TA will be provided. If you are interested, please send me your CV. Also, please let me know if you have any questions about this opportunity. Thank you.


Sohyung Cho, Ph.D.
Professor and Program Director
Industrial Engineering
Southern Illinois University
Edwardsville, IL 62026
Phone: 618-650-2817 | E-mail:

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