Milton Krivokuca: ASQ Division Membership Benefits

Milton Krivokuca, Quality Management Division

Milton Krivokuca

Tuesday, Feb 18, 2014 Favazza

Using the ASQ-Quality Management Division as an example, this presentation will examine the benefits associated with division membership.

Within ASQ, each member receives a local section membership. This section membership provides opportunities for networking at local events related to the application of quality theory and techniques. Many members do not realize that their membership with ASQ entitles them to a division membership, as well as a section membership. ASQ has 19 divisions, Quality Management is the largest.

This presentation will present an overview of how division activities and goals further support the advancement of current issues and provide additional value to members of ASQ.

Milton Krivokuca, Quality Management Division chair

Milton Krivokuca DBA teaches Quality Classes, ASQ Certification Refresher classes and serves as the California State University Dominguez Hills’ BSQA and MSQA Program Coordinator. He has earned numerous professional certifications: CQIA, CMQ/OE, CQA, CQT, CQPA, CCT, CQE, CQE, CSSGB, CCT, RAB ISO:9000-2000 Auditor, CPM, and PCM.

He is a senior member of ASQ and is currently serves as the 22,000 member Quality Management Division chair. He earned his DBA in 2003. He has delivered papers in Viet Nam, Jamaica, Hong Kong, China, and Dubai. He is also a Subject Matter Expert in several of the quality certification bodies of knowledge.

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