Welcome Message from the Chair

Mark Lynch PhD PEWelcome to ASQ Saint Louis Section (1304)

Hello everyone, I wanted to let you know that our Leadership Committee (LC) has a great year planned.  To keep you informed, our events will be announced on this website (www.asqstl.og) and emailed through our Voice of the Customer (VOC) emails.  If you have questions or need additional information, feel free to contact the LC.  The LC member directory is at: http://www.asqstl.org/category/about-us/lc/.

Our Section Meetings are packed with interesting and relevant speakers that I am sure you will enjoy.  With two speakers per meeting, you can typically earn 0.6 Recertification Units (RUs) at each meeting. In addition to the great speakers, the meetings are scheduled at some of our most popular St. Louis venues.

To complement our section meetings, we have some upcoming conferences.

  • Back by popular demand our section conference, LOUCON17 is being held on November 2nd. We are planning a bigger and better experience for attendees.
  • Our Southern Illinois University – Carbondale Student Chapter is having the 14th Annual Lean-Sigma Conference on April 27th.

To increase collaboration and networking opportunities for our members, we have been working with other Professional Organizations in the St. Louis area.  Our section has joined the St. Louis Operations Collective made up of ASQ, Center for Supply Chain Management, APICs, CSCMP, ISM, NDTA, and the Transportation Club of St. Louis.  The first event sponsored by this group is the Convergence-17 Conference on March 14th.  ASQ St. Louis Section continues to work with the St. Louis Engineers Club to bring interesting activities.

Education continues to be a priority of the section.

  • We will be offering certification preparation and recertification classes throughout the year.
  • Just as last year, we have partnered with training providers in delivering training classes on various Quality related topics.

Announcements for all the educational opportunities will be provided at asqstl.org and VOC emails.

We are working hard to increase communications through social media.  Other social media outlets include:

Bryan Signaigo, our Social Media Chair, is doing a great job leading our efforts.

This year we are starting a new initiative, the community outreach program.  This program is an effort to assist local non-profit organizations in quality areas.  Thomas Miller, our Community Outreach Chair, is working hard to plan this kick off year.   If you want to “give back” to our community  and earn Recertification Units (RUs) contact Thomas at community@asqstl.org.

We have other volunteer opportunities within the section which allows our section to thrive, as well as, provide individuals RUs.  If you are interested in volunteering, please contact me or any other LC member.  There is no obligation to find out more information.

Wishing you all a successful year and hoping to see you at some of our events.   Thank you for being part of our Section.


Mark Lynch, Ph.D., P.E.
ASQ St. Louis Section Chair

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