LC Meeting Minutes – September 12, 2011

St. Louis Section 1304
Minutes of September 12, 2011
Spiro’s Restaurant in St. Louis, MO

Participants: Kim Rochetti – Chair, Denise Arthur – Secretary, Tony Indihar, Randy Thompson, Steve Mundwiller, Ed Vallorani, John O’Reilly, Kunita Gear, Linh Dye, Amy Thomas,

Meeting called to order at 6:10 by Kim and was seconded. A quorum was present.

The August 15, 2011 meeting minutes were approved.

Budget changes: Kim will submit changes to the annual budget via email to the LC for comments and then for a vote for approval.
The changes to the original budget are:
• To send 4 people to the World Conference instead of the original proposed 8
• Add three $1,000 scholarships from two
• Add $1,000 for cost for new website
• Add $250 for travel related to obtaining section historical records
• Add books back to being included with refresher courses

Treasurer’s Financial Report by Randy

Treasurer Notes: Awaiting results from ASQ on 2010-11 audit and financial report that was submitted on 8/12/11. Need to meet with Kim and close CD/open money market account. Not for profit status letter expires September 12, 2011. Randy will reactivate and restore status.

For the August statement: CD Balance Not reported, Checking Balance $23,438.18, Additional Deposits None, Outstanding Checks 5 for $731.95, Petty Cash $150.00, for a total section balance $78,631.80.

QMP Report

Goals for 2011/12
• Member certification 75
• Meeting attendance 60
• Member meeting satisfaction 4.1
• Total members section 1304 950
• Membership retention 70%
• Half-day workshop 3
• Spring conference attendance 100
• Senior members 10% of total eligible members

Future Meeting Speakers

 Action: Steve Mundwiller will check with Tammy Serentis concerning Minitab presentation to review presentation does not conflict with bylaws.
 Action: Kim will contact Steve about which group we will be working with for the joint meeting in May

Social Media Plans

Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter will be investigated as a way to reach out to more of the ASQ membership.

Publicity will include scholarships, monthly meeting, benefits offered by ASQ for members between jobs, senior members, workshops, retirement, and job openings.

VOC Ideas and Plans

 Action: John will send out a survey to find out what members would like from ASQ. John requested the LC to send him potential survey questions.

Newsletter Plans

Newsletter will be created by Vanessa Williams. The LC felt the newsletter format could be modified but it was recommended that the name “The Measure” stay the same.

Website Plans

 Action: LC to send Linh favorite websites. Linh will bring website proposal to October meeting.

Education Survey Results

Recommendations from results of survey: Rotate class weekday and weekend offerings, offer GMP and Lean classes, and cost and location appear to factor into decision to attend class.


Kunita sent a membership letter out to those whose membership has expired. There was feedback to the note. Some said they were renewing and others stated they were not. Membership renewal will be followed in the coming months to see if the letter helped to increase the renewal rate.

Tony motioned to adjourn, seconded and approved at 8:44.

____________________ ____________________
Denise Arthur Kim Rochetti
Secretary Chair

Approved on __________, 2011

(Secretary’s initials)

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