LC Meeting Minutes – October 11, 2011

St. Louis Section 1304
Minutes of October 11, 2011
India Palace in St. Louis, MO

Participants: Kim Rochetti – Chair, Denise Arthur – Secretary, Kunita Gear, Randy Thompson, Tony Indihar, Rod Toro, Chris Anderson, Eric Schellenberg, Amy Slovacek, Linh Dye, John O’Reilly, Ed Vallorani,

Meeting called to order at 6:01 pm by Kim. A quorum was present.

The September 12, 2011 meeting minutes motion to approve by Eric and seconded by Tony.

Treasurers Financial Report by Randy

Treasurers Notes:

ASQ accepted the 2010-11 audit and financial report on 10/7/11. The tax exemption letter from the state of Missouri has been received. The section is not getting monthly or quarterly balances on our CD with BOA is becoming problematic.

For the September statement: CD Balance Not reported, Checking Balance $23,693.63, Additional Deposits none, Outstanding Checks 5 for $2,738.00, Petty Cash $150.00 for a Total section Balance (at reconciliation) $76,881.20.

Motion: To close out the CD and move to a money market account. Vote approved unanimously.

QMP Report by John

Section is meeting attendance for September at 78 with a goal of 60, below total member goal for September at 936 with a goal of 950, but meeting satisfaction goal for September with 4.4 and a goal of 4.1. The rest of the metrics will be reported at next meeting.

 Action: John will learn how to get access to membership information.
 Action: Chris will present a Lean presentation at the February meeting.

Certification Exam by Eric

37 people registered, 27 took exams, and 10 no shows.

Membership Retention by Kunita

 Action: Kim will send any member emails that ask to be removed from a mailing list to both Linh and Ed.
 Action: Kunita will send the 100 alternate section member list to Rod
 Action: Kunita will discontinue sending email retention blasts

Education Refresher Classes by Ed

October round had 4 people signed up for CSSBB class. December round has 6 people sign up for CQA and 7 for CSSGB. January has 7 signed up for manager class.

Web Site by Linh

Motion: To use .net from ASQ corporate to create website for St. Louis section website by Denise and seconded by Rod. 5 in favor and 4 against. Proposal passes.

 Action: Linh will provide training on website.

Future Meeting by Kim

18-Oct Katie Thenhaus Change Management
18-Oct David Hult Conflict to Collaboration using DiSC
6-Dec Kim Rochetti Vision Quest
17-Jan Tammy Serentis Minitab tips and tools: Version 16
17-Jan Brian Donley Quality by Design (DFSS)
21-Feb Chris Anderson Lean
21-Feb Dr. Dawn Newman Organizational Development
21-Mar Awards Dave and Busters
20-April Spring Conference

Spring Conference by Rod

• Date is April 20, 2012
o Early bird registration starts in November 1, 2011 to December 31, 2011.
• Location
o Ameristar Casino
• Keynote Speakers
o Michael George
o Charles Cox
o Dr. Robert Gee
o Jerry Mairani
o Rhonda Hamm

There will be no exams at this Spring Conference.

Tony motioned to adjourn, seconded by Ed and approved at 8:43 pm.

____________________ ____________________
Denise Arthur Kim Rochetti
Secretary Chair

Approved on __________, 2011

(Secretary’s initials)

Next Meeting: Nov. 14 at Pujols 5

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