LC Meeting Minutes October 22, 2012

St. Louis Section 1304

Minutes of October 22, 2012

Drury Inn Restaurant in St. Louis, MO

 Participants:   Rod Toro- Chair, Denise Arthur, Kim Rochetti, Randy Thompson, Kunita Gear, Jesse Stevenson, Eric Schellenberg, Tony Indihar, Linh Dye, Kat Gowins.

Meeting was called to order at 6:07 p.m. by Rod Toro.  A quorum was present.

 The August 13, 2012 meeting minutes were reviewed:  A motion was made to approve the minutes by Tony Indihar and seconded by Eric Schellenberg.   Minutes were approved as written.

 Introduction: LC introduced themselves to new potential leadership member, Alicia Brooks.  She may take care of social media, marketing, etc. 

 Old Business:


Financial Report by Treasurer Kat Gowins

 Treasurer’s Notes: Kat Gowins covered the financials to date for 2012.

 Account Information FY11/12:  Checking: $8,337.80, Mutual Fund: $62,456.48.


The December Meeting will be trivia night, Jim Ebone will facilitate, categories and the folks that will be finding questions and sending to Jim will be Quality: Gurus (Denise), Tools (Kim), Current Events (Jesse), Stats (Rod), Hodgepodge (Eric).  All questions will be sent to Jim by Nov. 27.  Tony will find a location for the event and Rod will set up 123 for sign up. 


Doing well on goals except posting activities on the website where we are currently at 13%.  We need one more workshop to make our goal of 3.  QMP and Business plan were submitted on time.   The next due date is Feb. 15 for the audit. 

Action: Rod will contact Jim Hartigan to find our new member retention rate from his ASQ data.


38 signed up for last exam, with 6 no-shows.  We had signed up: 21 Black Belts, 8 Quality Manager, 3 CQI, 4 CQT, and 1 CRE.  60 are enrolled for the Dec. test so far.  Our goal is 75 certifications for the year and this should be able to be accomplished. 

Trip to Peoria by Denise Arthur

Event:  Nov 9 Caterpillar tour.  Maximum 45 on bus. For the factory tour, the members will pay directly to the SME St. Louis Chapter.  It’s a joint venture with our chapter and their chapter. 

New Business

Herbert McMahon Educational Grant will be put on website.

Program Chair role needs to be filled.  In the interim, volunteers need to help get speaking for Jan. through May. 

Spring Conference has no leader to plan it at the moment.  The options are:

  1. Joint meeting
  2. Postpone until fall
  3. Cancel

No decision made at this time.


All need to keep updated on a timely basis to improve our QMP goal.  Also, it needs updated with current credit card info. 


 LC motioned to adjourn and approved.  The meeting was adjourned at 7:45pm.

____________________                                                       ____________________

Kim Rochetti for Gail Keefe                                                  Rod Toro

Secretary                                                                                 Chair

Approved on Nov 27, 2012


(Secretary’s initials)

Next LC Nov. 27, 2012    Location TBD     

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