LC Meeting Minutes – Nov 14th, 2011

St. Louis Section 1304

Minutes of November 14, 2011

Kobe’s in St. Louis, MO

 Participants:   Denise Arthur – Secretary, Kunita Gear, Randy Thompson, Tony Indihar, Eric Schellenberg, Linh Dye,  Ed Vallorani, Jim Ebone, Steve Mundwiller

 Meeting called to order at 6:11 by Randy.  A quorum was present.

 The October 10, 2011 meeting minutes motion to approve by Ed and seconded by Steve.

Website by Linh

Linh shared the new features of the new WordPress website. She explained how the WordPress website would be simpler to use and all LC members would be able to update their own page timely so that the information on the website stays current.

Treasurers Financial Report by Randy


Treasurers Notes: 

Quarterly financial report to ASQ submitted on 10/21/11. 

Chair/treasurer have not closed CD and opened Money Market Account yet.

  • Action:  CD to be closed 11/19/11.


CD Balance:  $55,840.85, Checking Balance:  $24,576.32, Additional Deposits: None, Outstanding Checks:  8 for $2,276.34, Petty Cash:  $150.00, for a Total Section Balance: $78,290.83.


Education Refresher Classes by Ed


Next round of classes start in January. 

  • Action:  Ed  will  begin  marketing the new classes 11/15/11.


Certification Exam by Eric


37 signed up for exam and 10 no show.  21 passed out of 27 who sat for the exams.


Spring Conference by Randy for Rod                                                                                              

Three keynotes and two workshops have been set.  10 people have signed up for the Spring Conference to date. 

The format of the Spring Conference was discussed and if exams should be held during the conference.  It was agreed that the discussion be postponed until the Spring Conference chair was in attendance.

December 6th Meeting Volunteers by John

Communications Jim

Venues and topics  Denise

Website  Lihn

Education  ?

Volunteer opportunities?

Networking  Vanessa? 

Future Meetings by Steve

January 2012

Tammy Serentis – Minitab

David Donley – QbD

February 2012

Chris Anderson – Lean

Dawn Newman – no topic

March 2012

Awards and Elections

April 2012

No speakers confirmed at this point until the decision has been made if there will still be a dinner meeting due the Spring Conference event occurring the same month.

May 2012

Not confirmed.  Steve presented a selection from candidates from potential Speaker list that could fill in these two slots.

June 2012

APICS would like to move the meeting to April or May but doesn’t work for ASQ. 

Steve presented inviting Abraham Bolden speak at the June conference.  There would be some costs associated with having him speak and these costs could be shared with a joint meeting.

  • Action:  If Kim and Rod agree, Steve will contact PMI for a possible joint meeting.


Statistics have been identified by the membership as an interest for a potential workshop. Basic statistics, hypothesis testing, and probability are potential topics 

  • Action:  Ed will look for instructors interested in doing a workshop on statistics. 

Ed motioned to adjourn, seconded by Kunita and approved at 8:20


____________________                                                                    ____________________

Denise Arthur                                                                                     Kim Rochetti

Secretary                                                                                             Chair

Approved on __________, 2011


(Secretary’s initials)

Next LC Dec. 12, 2011          Pujols 5 at West Port


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