LC Meeting Minutes February 12, 2013

ASQ SECTION 1304- Saint Louis

Minutes of February 12, 2013 LC Meeting

Location–   Yacovellis– 407 Dunn Rd, Florissant, MO 63031

 Call to order:             The meeting was called to order at 6 pm.   

 Participants:              Officers and LC members:  Rod Toro, Gail Keefe,, Randy Thompson, Jesse Stevenson, Jim Ebone, Katarina Gowan, John O’Reilly, Tony Indehar,

Guests: Mark LeClair, Cindy Duhigg.

 A quorum was present.


 Approval of the Minutes:    

 The January 8, 2013 LC meeting minutes were reviewed. 

 Motion:  Jim E. moved to approve the minutes, Katarina G. seconded the motion.  The motion carried and the minutes were approved.

 Rod introduced members to Mark LeClair.

 HQ News:  Rod T. provided information on Member Leader Events (May 4, 5, 6. in Indianapolis).  He also reported the fact that ASQ has changed their calendar year, so we have to figure out how to cover the LC roles in the period between June and December.  The elections for Jan thru Dec will take place in April but we also need to cover the period June through December of 2013. 

 We discussed appointing the people who are currently in elected LC positions to cover the transition between Jan and December and also discussed having the people who are elected to LC positions in April cover the positions from June through December. The discussion will continue at the next meeting.

 Mark LeClair was appointed to review our website.

 Officers’ Reports:    

 QMP Goals: (Denise Arthur – Vice-Chair):  Rod T. presented QMP results for the Vice Chair.  Meeting attendance and Total membership are above target.

 Action:  Rod has begun conducting a 3 part workshop on Tools for Continuous Improvement and Effective Planning” at our ASQ membership meetings which will total a half day workshop when complete.  The first part was done at the January membership meeting so that should be added to the QMP spreadsheet.

Treasurer Report – Qtrly, Monthly status (Katarina G-Treasurer.):    

January statement total: $68, 811.82 (checking and MM balance).

 MM Balance:                                      $62,489.05                             

 Checking Balance:                              $6,322.77

 Previous minutes’s action items unresolved (Gail K- Secretary.):

Action:  Randy T. will conduct the audit before the February meeting.  Due Feb 15.

Status: Complete.

Action:  Tony I. will present proposed slate of officers for LC by Feb 12.

Status:  The proposed slate of officers is below.

Denise Arthur – Chairman

Cindy Duhigg – Secretary,

Katarina Gowan – Treasurer

Rod Toro – Vice Chair.

We would like to have a chair-elect

Action:  Gail K. will contact a possible nominee about being secretary next year.

Status:  Complete.  Cindy Duhigg

Action:  Jesse will contact the treasure to reimburse the person who had signed up for the cancelled class.

Status:  Complete

Action: Tony will find out if the Science Center is available for March. 

Status:  Complete.  Cost $2200 plus $35 per head.   Decided to use Dave and Busters again for March meeting. Tony will check on its availability.

Action: Tony will check availability and cost of Botanical Garden for April.  An alternate plan for April is possibly having a joint supply chain management group meeting at SLU or Wash U.

Status:  Open action to be discussed at the next meeting.

Action:  Tony will announce nominations for scholarships at the next membership meeting. There will be 3 scholarships.

Status:  Complete.  Tony said there really isn’t anything to announce yet.

Action:  Eric will give Tony and John the list of people who passed certifications in the last year.

Status:  Open action to be discussed at the next meeting.

Action:  Tony will present the types of awards

Status:  Complete -Kaufman, Vezeau, Volunteer, Step above, and Scholarships. 

Motion:  Rod will pass out awards at the award banquet.    John moved to approve.  The motion carried.

Board Reports:

Nominating Committee – Nominations were discussed above during open actions from last meeting.

Education –Jesse S. reported that CTQ/CQI and Blackbelt classes are going on right now.  He is soliciting Green Belt and CMQ/OE instructors. 

Jesse also reported that the College of Engineering at SIU Carbondale in has a Masters Degree Quality Engineering and management.  He said they will need a lean 6 sigma speaker for conference at SIU Carbondale. Rod suggested Kim or himself for that.

Certification – Eric reported by email that 43 people had passed the December exams.  14 of those had taken refresher courses.

Action:  Eric will provide the percentages.

Recertifications – Kunita G.- No report

Membership – John O. reported that in order to stimulate membership growth, we are offering one free membership meeting to new members and we are inviting individuals with new certifications to the Banquet meeting in March for free.

Arrangements – Tony I. Reported on above during discussion of open actions from last meeting.

News letter – No report.

Social Networking– Alecia.   No report.

Standing Committee Reports:   None

Special Orders (special topics that the chair wants to bring up):  N/A



Audit:  Randy reported on the Feb 6 audit he had conducted. Randy evaluated check requests and statements.  He also verified the spreadsheet for ASQ national.  Only minor discrepancies were found. (box not checked, missing date).  Those have been corrected. He didn’t see any unbudgeted discrepancies.  There were no findings. 

One suggestion:  Instructors need a form with hours and date submitted.

Action:  Implement form to be used by instructors which give detailed dates and hours of their course.

Rod T.  reported that an instructor had asked if it would be possible to receive pay in 2 installments.  (Upfront and halfway as opposed to after the 6 week course is ended).  The LC discussed and concluded that it cannot pay instructors up front for services that have not yet been rendered and it would be difficult to manage making a payment at the halfway point.  However, they will try to pay quickly after the course is concluded.

New Business:

The next membership meeting will be held at Sybergs on February 19.

Rod also reported that he wants to support ASQ world conference using chapter funds to provide bus and van transportation to the conference.

Motion:  Gail  made a motion for The ASQ St. Louis Chapter to pay for a bus and a van not exceeding $3000 for a minimum of 15 people to attend ASQ’s Leader Event (May 4 and 5) and World Conference (May 6, 7,  8) in Indianapolis. John O. 2nded the motion.  The motion carried.

Other:   N/A

Announcements:       Next LC meeting will be 2nd Tues of month March 12, location Yacovellis.


Motion:  A motion to adjourn was made by Gail and seconded by Katarina.  The motion carried and the meeting was adjourned at 8 pm.

Appended to the Minutes:  Shortly after the meeting, while a quorum was still present (i.e. Rod Toro, Randy Thompson, Jesse Stevenson, Jim Ebone, Katarina Gowan, John O’Reilly, Tony Indehar), there was discussion of possible topics for a talk by Steve Flick.  Possible topics were:  

  • Evaluate to Motivate (how to lead)
  • Mentoring
  • Take the Terror out of a Talk
  • Delegate to Empower (how to lead)
  • Developing a Mission
  • Be a Visionary Leader

 The group, by voice vote selected Delegate to Empower (how to lead) as a topic that might have the greatest appeal.

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Gail Keefe, Secretary                                                                          Rod Toro, Chair

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