LC Meeting Minutes April 9, 2013

ASQ SECTION 1304- Saint Louis

Minutes of April 9, 2013 LC Meeting

Location– Yacovellis– 407 Dunn Rd, Florissant, MO 63031

Call to order: The meeting was called to order at 6:18 pm.

Participants: Officers and LC members: Rod Toro, Gail Keefe, Denise Arthur, Katarina Gowan, Tony Indehar, Randy Thompson, Kunita Gear, Jim Ebone. Kim Rochetti, Mark LeClair,

A quorum was present.


Approval of the Minutes: The March 12, 2013 LC meeting minutes were reviewed an approved.

HQ News: N/A

Officers’ Reports:

QMP Goals: (Denise Arthur – Vice-Chair): Denise presented QMP results. Attendance at previous membership meeting was 76 (YTD836). Still need a half day workshop (to be remedied in June).

Treasurer Report – Qtrly, Monthly status (Katarina G-Treasurer):

February statement total: $ 64,831 (checking and MM balance) as of 4/9/13.

MM Balance: $57,501

Checking Balance: $7,331.47

Pending requests: $172 Quality Council of Indiana (CQA instructor)

$24.15 wal-mart supplies for Treasurer (binder, labels,)

$1858.90 Dave & Busters

2 @ $ 399 refund for cancelled CSSGB class

Previous minutes’s action items unresolved (Gail K- Secretary):

No Report

Board Reports:

Education Jesse will be resigning in July but has indicated he will assist with the transition. We will be needing a new Education Chair.

Status of classes –

CSSGB class was cancelled. We only had 2 people sign up despite the numerous solicitations.

CQE, we are currently having the class, there are only 3 people in the class.

CQA class is scheduled to begin on Thursday, (a big THANK YOU to Cynthia Duhigg, aka Cindy) who volunteered to teach the course at the last hour for us. We have 4 people signed up for the class

CQIA, it looks like this class will be cancelled due to lack of interest.

Certification No Report.

Recertifications – Kunita G.- Nothing new to report. Things OK.

Membership – No report.


The April membership meeting will be held at Yacavelli’s on April 16th.

The May membership meeting will be at the Engineer’s Club on May 21. Pre-Dinner: SEED Presentation and Dancing Exhibition; Key Speaker: Leah C. Lorendo, Ph.D., CCC-SLP

There will be a workshop tentatively set for June 8, Kim Rochetti will give a workshop on how to convert into the Health Care Industry.

News letter – No report.

Social Networking– No report.

Standing Committee Reports:


Special Orders (special topics that the chair wants to bring up): Rod indicated that he would send out an email blast that our Chapter Website is up and running. Mark L will be adding Job postings to our website so any one who has job postings should forward to Mark.

Unfinished Business:

ASQ conference: Rod gave an update on the travel arrangements.

Motion: Katarina made a motion that the room and board be paid for those leadership committee members who are attending the conference. The motion carried.

Workshops: Kim Rochetti will do a workshop on June 8th on Converting to the Healthcare Industry.

New Business:

In the next few LC meetings we will be transitioning to the new officers. The June LC meeting (June 11) will be training for the new officers.

Tableau, a software by Data Visualization, was discussed for possible use in managing membership data. It will be discussed further in September.

The May membership meeting will be held May 21 at the Engineer’s Club.

Other: N/A

Announcements: Next LC meeting will be 2nd Tues of month May 14 , location Yacovellis.


Motion: A motion to adjourn was made by Jim E. The motion carried and the meeting was adjourned at 8:20 pm.

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