LC Meeting Minutes 12/11/12

ASQ SECTION 1304- Saint Louis

Minutes of December 11, 2012 LC Meeting

Location–   Yacovellis– 407 Dunn Rd, Florissant, MO 63031

 Call to order:             The meeting was called to order at 6:05 pm   

 Participants:              Rod Toro, Gail Keefe, Katarina Gowin, Kim Rochetti,  Kunita Gear, Randy Thompson, Jesse Stevenson, Denise Arthur, Jim Ebone, Tony Indihar, Britanny Hagedorn.


 Approval of the Minutes:    

The November 27, 2012 meeting minutes were reviewed.  Randy T.  moved to approve the minutes, Katarina G. seconded the motion.  The motion carried and the minutes were approved.

 HQ News:

Rod T. presented the HQ news. ASQ membership dues are going up by $4.00 per year.    

Rod also distributed a graph showing ASQ membership renewal rate for the last 5 yrs.  It is holding pretty steady at about 75%. 

He also distributed the information about activities that give Recertification units (RUs are only available if you are already certified).

He also distributed the report for our region.  Shows everything is up to date.  Next item due is 1/8/13 Financial report.

 Action:  Add Randy to member leaders –Responsible: Rod T.

 Officers’ Reports:    

 Denise Arthur – Vice-Chair (QMP Goals):

Meeting attendance:  57

Total membership paid: 806

Exam pass rate- no results yet

New member retention December – 29% preliminary

November new member retention rate:  75%

Half day workshops- no new ones. 

Activities posted on time:  100%

 Action:  Need to schedule a workshop or factory tour.

 Katarina – Treasurer (Qtrly, Monthly status):

Checking account balance $11604.08

Savings account balance: $62,474.23

One check outstanding check.

Need Fedex check request.

Internet charge (automatic deduction) needs check request.

 Action:  Kunita needs to cash the check

Action:  Need check requests for Fedex and Internet charge – the treasurer will create the check request for the internet charge.

 Gail Keefe- Secretary (Previous minutes’ action items unresolved): An uncashed check discussed above, and need Feb/Mar/Apr speakers for membership meetings to be discussed below.  Email list was finalized and set out to the LC members.

 Board Reports:

 Education – Jesse reported that he is finding a room for a class 1/10/13 CQT/CQI- Steve Hyland and then he’ll post.  Jesse passed out a disk that had a tutorial for task for being education chair.

 Certification – Eric:  Not here

 Recert– Kunita reported that people aren’t always turning in the proper documentation which requires intervention.   People are also not aware that electronic media doesn’t give much RU credit.  She also reported that the price has changed for recertification.  People should go to the website for the most recent form so that they are aware of the price change.

 Membership – John O.  Not here

 Arrangements – Tony reported that the  January membership meeting will be at Favazza’s on Jan 15.   We also discussed briefly future meetings (i.e. Need speakers for Feb, Mar, April.   Possibly have the awards meeting at the science center (should help meeting attendance)).

 News letter – No report.

 Social Networking– Alecia.  Not here

 Standing Committee Reports:


 Special Orders (special topics that the chair wants to bring up):  Britanny attended the LC meeting as a special guest and potential new volunteer.  People introduced themselves. We discussed various open roles on the leadership committee.

 Unfinished Business:                   

 Membership Meetings- Feb thru April:   The LC worked on finalizing plans for the future meetings.

 January 15th- John Dimario is the speaker and Rod T will do a workshop covering a section in the memory Jogger.

 Feb 19th– Kim R will speak in February (instead of January as discussed last month) and  Rod will do another workshop covering another section in the memory Jogger.

 March- Awards banquet (might be at the science center).

 April- Steve Flick will be the speaker, Rod will do another workshop covering another section in the memory jogger.

 May- Discussed the possibility of asking Amy to do a workshop on value stream mapping at this meeting or some other meeting.

 Action:  Rod will order the memory Joggers.

Action:  Kim will ask Amy to do a workshop on value stream mapping.

 New Business:

Rod distributed  information on the proper way to make a motion to the LC.

The LC discussed the possibility of raising the hourly pay for instructors of certification prep classes.

 Motion:  Kunita made a motion to verify the hourly rate that is standard for our region (bench mark against other ASQ sections) and assess the impact of changing to that rate . The motion was amended that the decision and impacts will be for all instructors, not just one.   Katarina 2nded the motion. Motion carries.

 Action:  Kim will check with Rob about other sections are paying.

 Action:  Jesse will look at the impact of raising the pay per hour. (i.e. Overall cost increase, minimum number of students necessary to defray the cost,   What would the cost per class need to be?)

 Other:  The LC discussed open committee chairs and also the need for more web assistance for inexperienced users of Word Press.

 Action:  Jesse will give Linh a copy of his Articulate tutorial for Education chair so that possibly she could develop a tutorial for the web duties.  He will also let her know we’re needing assistance on the website. And maybe she can recommend who can provide support.

Action:  Rod will announce at next membership meeting that we need a web support volunteer.

 Announcements:       Next LC meeting will be 2nd Tues of month January 8, location Yacovelli.


Motion: A motion to adjourn was made by Tony and seconded by Kat.  The motion carried and the meeting was adjourned at 8:05 pm.

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Gail Keefe, Secretary                                                                          Rod Toro, Chair

Approved on:_____1/8/13_______________                                           _______________

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