IRCA Accredited ISO 9001:2015 Transition Training

ISO 9001:2015 Transition Course Description

Prior to the St Louis ASQ Quality Conference – Nov 1-2,

This two day training class is the accredited ISO lead auditor update/transition training.  It is designed for auditors, business and quality management to better understand the significant new requirements of the ISO standard, how they can be applied and how they are going to be audited.

This upgrade is a powerful improvement over previous editions.  Management commitment and involvement has been enhanced, the process approach is now mandatory, risk based thinking is introduced and the standard brings complete flexibility in documentation and demonstration.

But you need to learn not only what the standard says, but what it really means.  Understand what documentation you can get away without and which you really still need.  Learn ways to help top management address their mandatory requirements for leadership and commitment.  Keep processes practical – risk, strategy, purpose.  This course gives the answers.

There is time during the seminar to ask specific questions.  Perhaps you want to know if your current solution will meet requirements.  Or what is the best timing is for your transition. Or why your certification body is going to request certain documents.  Perhaps you need to know if your current process is “good” enough, or how far you have to go with “Risk”.  We are happy to take a look at anything specific you ask or bring.

Designed to complement the St Louis ASQ Annual Conference, it  Includes:

  • Detailed analysis of the new and changed requirements
  • Review of the new auditing approaches and techniques needed to be successful
  • Explanation of expectations of quality management system
  • Description of extended leadership involvement
  • Solutions to the difficult questions raised by the new flexibility
  • Descriptions of solutions for new processes such as risks

ISO 9001:2015 Transition Benefits

  • IRCA approved training organization
  • Content specifically designed for auditors. Addresses all auditor transition requirements in a single course.
  • Gives you an in-depth knowledge of the new and changed requirements of ISO 9001:2015 so you will be better able to develop, implement, maintain and audit your own management system – makes your ISO 9001:2015 management system program so much easier to implement and maintain.
  • Brings ISO skills in-house to better handle certification body auditors.
  • Demonstrates organizational commitment to your management system, especially to certification bodies.
  • Activity based training allows better understanding and better prepares you for addressing management systems transition and dealing with your registrars’ auditors.
  • Substantial group exercises to keep the learning lively and effective.
  • Interaction and exchange of ideas with professionals from other organizations, with different experiences and areas of expertise to enhance your own understanding.
  • Understanding of the new requirements and the way they are audited allows for planning the transition of your own ISO 9001 QMS.
  • Customizable to your processes and your documents

ISO 9001:2015 Transition Course Objectives

  • Understand the leadership commitment, context of the new standard, the changes to requirements, and the major expectations it brings to your QMS.
  • Appreciate the choices and difficulties that will create challenges for implementation and auditing. Make the right decisions from a point of knowledge.
  • Ensure knowledgeable and skilled ISO project team capable of understanding the ISO 9001:2015 requirements, expectations and new QMS structure and capable of new auditing techniques to be able to effectively audit to the requirements of the new standard.
  • Starts your plan for transition


  • ISO Project Team members
  • Professional auditors – Certification body personnel, lead auditors and team members
  • Internal ISO 9001 lead auditors and audit team members
  • Anyone who needs to upgrade their knowledge and skills of auditing in the context of ISO 9001:2015

Course Presentation

The course is significantly activity based and includes frequent practical exercises, group-work, and role-playing to maximize the understanding and attention span. Discussions are facilitated at a mature and respectful level. This interactive learning environment is designed to help you undertake professional audits and provide you with practical skills to add value to your ISO program.


Colin Gray has been working with ISO 9001 since 1985.  He and Cavendish Scott, Inc. have always taken a practical, process based approach to the implementation of QMS.  Solutions have always been business focused where certification becomes co-incidental as a result of putting in a good QMS.  Colin has an MBA from the University of Middlesex and is a trainer on the accredited ISO 9001:2015 lead auditor class.  He is an IRCA and EG QMS and EMS auditor.

Course Content

• Introductions
• Preparation exercises
• Understanding the structure of management system standards controlled by Annex SL (ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 27001, Etc.)
• The new expectations of the standard (leadership, process approach, risk based thinking, documentation and records)
• Scope and applicability (exclusions)
• Changes to the ISO 9001 requirements from the 2008 version to the new 2015 version
• New processes (organization purpose, strategic direction, context, internal and external issues, interested parties, risk and opportunities, change management, knowledge, communication, etc.)
• Implementation and auditing challenges – new sources of information, auditing without documents/procedures, demonstrating top management/leadership, auditing business strategy, auditing context, risk, etc.

Schedule and Hours

This course runs from 8:30am – 4:30pm over 2 days with an hour for lunch and periodic short breaks.

Pre Course Knowledge

It is expected that attendees will be familiar with the concepts of QMS and the process approach. Also that they will have read and be acquainted with the ISO 9001:2015 standard. Preparation materials are available to help attendees prepare for the content.


Certificates will be provided to all attendees.

In-House Presentation

In practice it is impossible to take all of your organization’s management out for training. By bringing the course in house to your organization, training fees are minimized, your expenses for sending personnel to public training are non-existent and management can make it! We also customize the training for you in your current situation. We use examples of your documentation for examples and exercises, we discuss your scenarios and identify best practices and solutions appropriate to you.
This is an excellent approach that will provide better, less expensive training and more specific benefits directly to your organization and your ISO program.

Course Hosting (not available for all courses)

If attendees from other companies are allowed in your organization, then hosting a course can be even more cost effective. We discount your course fees for every additional attendee that you allow us to place in the course you are hosting. If you find potential attendees (e.g., among your supplier base) then we will give you an even bigger discount. We’ll handle all the administration and even help you offer the course (at discounted rates) to your suppliers. We understand that not only is ISO important to your organization, but this is a great opportunity to get more involved with your suppliers about a subject that is likely to benefit you both in the long run.

Course Administration and Pricing

November 1-2 before the St Louis ASQ Quality Conference, at the Millennium Student Center at the University of Missouri.  $950 including materials, lunch and refreshments.

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984 S. Vine St. Denver, CO. 80209
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