Chairman – Message

Welcome, Welcome, Welcome to STL ASQ


Transition times are typically times of turmoil and stress.  We have just started a new ASQ section year with a new slate of officers and a new focus for this upcoming year.

                  – First Things First—

I want to thank each member for giving me the opportunity to serve you as Chairman for 2012-2013.  I am honored to follow a string of really strong chairmen from Kimberly Rochetti to John O’Reily to Steve Mundweiller to many others.  


The overall goal for this upcoming year is retaining members by providing better service to our members.  This will be a challenge but something that should be one of our major goals.  We are here to serve you.

ASQ has changed our fiscal year to start in January versus July. Right now, we are not sure how that will overall effect for our section.  We know that the financial cycle probably will follow the new annual cycle.  The rest of the transition is still in the works.

We strive for excellence in our section in all that we do.  We are very thankful for our members in helping us strive to accomplish this. The ASQ Conference this upcoming year is in Indianapolis from May 6th through May 8th.  We were given a Gold Excellence award and Total Quality status for our section accomplishments for 2011-2012 Next year; we’d like to maintain this status. We are very proud of these accomplishments because it means we are serving our members in many exceptional ways.








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