Jason Peach 17 SEPT 2019 ASQ Dinner at Engineers Club

Jason Peach

Jason Peach, President/CEO, West Community Credit Union

Tuesday, Sept 17, 2019

West Community Credit Union’s Quality Journey: Use of the Baldrige Framework

West Community Credit Union has been engaged in a continuous improvement journey since 2008, utilizing the Malcolm Baldrige Framework for Performance Excellence.  In 2018, West Community was named a recipient of the Missouri Quality Award, the state-level Baldrige award administered by the Midwest Excellence Institute.  Jason Peach, President/CEO, will describe key lessons learned by West Community and its leadership team over this 10 year journey.

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11th Annual Quality Management Conference – University of Central Missouri

Quality Management

Thursday, September 19, 8:00am – 4pm
University of Central Missouri, Warrensburg Main Campus

Hosted by UCM SOT Graduate Programs and UCM ASQ Student Branch

Activities include a keynote talk by Erin Urban, expert panelist open discussion, student presentations, poster competition, and more.

Registration is free; lunch is provided for pre-registered guests. ASQ members receive 0.6 RUs for full attendance.

Keynote Speaker: Erin Urban

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James leads 18 April 2019 ASQ LUNCH at Engineers Club

Thursday, Apr 18, 2019

Ameren’s Drones in Daily Operations

Join us and your fellow members at the Engineers Center for a JOINT MEETING with the Missouri Society of Professional Engineers. This LUNCH MEETING will feature James Pierce who will speak about Ameren’s innovative and system reliability focused approach to deploying drones as a daily operation. Weather permitting, there will be a drone demonstration.

This luncheon will discuss Ameren’s innovative and system reliability focused approach to deploying drones as a daily operation. Weather permitting there will be a demonstration.

Ameren is deploying and utilizing unmanned aerial technology in multiple business lines with a focus on cost savings, reliability, safety and customer satisfaction. Drones are being used daily throughout Ameren’s service territory to inspect power lines, vegetation, gas and generation facilities with a high degree of success. Benefits are even being seen in storm restoration, where drone crews are able to assess damage in difficult to access areas in a fraction of the time a foot patrol would take.

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Liorah Rapkin 14 MAY 2019 ASQ Dinner at Engineers Club

L I Rapkin

Liorah Rapkin, Director of Quality for TCC, Inc

Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Thinking Big: Ethics Meets Analytics

This presentation walks through case studies that demonstrate the effects of analytics on individuals, organizations, and government; highlights risk areas in designing and using analytics, and provides a framework for evaluation based on Cathy O’Neil’s Weapons of Math Destruction. The presenter will discuss Data Quality, Data Usage, Opacity, Scale and Damage in both positive and negative examples, including the Facebook/Cambridge Analytica collusion that affected the United Kingdom’s Brexit vote and the 2016 United States’ Presidential election, and the classic example of analytics, Moneyball.

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Jim Duarte 14 MAY 2019 ASQ Dinner at Engineers Club

Jim Duarte LSSMBB

Jim Duarte, ASQ Fellow, CQE, CSSBB, LSSMBB

Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Skills and Requirements of Data Science

Data science is the process of asking meaningful questions, and getting answers, from data.  By that definition quality professionals are, and always have been, data scientists. This presentation examines the breadth of skills and requirements for data scientists from the perspective of the quality professional. Based on observations from consulting in both quality and data science fields, four types of data scientists will be described in detail: the strategist, the boundary spanner, the applications ninja, and the communicator or storyteller. Quality professionals need not feel proficient in all forms of data science. By understanding these areas, quality professionals can identify new opportunities for professional development that naturally leverage their strengths and career histories.

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George Friesen 19 MAR 2019 ASQ Dinner at Syberg’s

George Friesen, Lean Business Practice Leader, Workforce Solutions Group of St. Louis Community College

Tuesday, Mar 19, 2019

Barriers to a Lean Transformation

While Lean work processes have driven significant improvements in work processes across many sectors of our economy, all too often continuous improvement doesn’t happen.  Gains in productivity and product/process quality initially made using Lean work processes are not sustained, and the organization reverts to its pre-Lean condition.  The results? Wasted money and cynical workforces. This presentation will review those forces that stand as barriers to the development of a sustainable Lean transformation and suggest ways of eliminating these barriers.

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Matt Ingram 19 MAR 2019 ASQ Dinner at Syberg’s

Matt Ingram, Consultant

Matt Ingram, Senior Quality Assurance Engineer

Tuesday, Mar 19, 2019

Principles for Creating and Delivering Effective Presentations

PowerPoint and other slideshow software tools are ubiquitous in the business world. But sometimes the tool is used ineffectively, leading to the “death by PowerPoint” phenomenon. Backlash against the overuse and misuse of PowerPoint has led some leaders in business and government to forbid its use. This presentation is intended to provide principles for creating and delivering effective presentations every time, whether using PowerPoint or not.

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Section 1304 Leadership Committee 2019

2019 Leadership Committee St. Louis Section 1304

Name Position Email
Sandra Mohr Section Chair chair@asqstl.org
Dawn Newman Vice Chair vice-chair@asqstl.org
David Welch Treasurer treasurer@asqstl.org
Kyle Jeffers Asst. Treasurer asst_treasurer@asqstl.org
Katie Castree Secretary secretary@asqstl.org
Mark Lynch Past Chair past-chair@asqstl.org
Randy Thompson Audit Chair audit@asqstl.org
[open] Membership Chair membership@asqstl.org
Tony Indihar Nominating Chair nominating@asqstl.org
John O’Reilly Program Chair program@asqstl.org
Tony Indihar Arrangements Chair arrangements@asqstl.org
Thomas Miller Community Outreach Chair community@asqstl.org
[open] Recertification Chair recertification@asqstl.org
David Maack Education Chair education@asqstl.org
Chris Anderson Website Chair webmaster@asqstl.org
Ed Vallorani Voice of the Customer Chair voc@asqstl.org
Loree Rowe Placement Chair placement@asqstl.org
Vicki Mercer Mentorship Chair mentorship@asqstl.org
Katie Castree Social Media Chair socialmedia@asqstl.org
Jessica Starling Conference Chair conference@asqstl.org
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Ross Boyd 19 FEB 2019 ASQ Dinner at Favazza’s

Ross Boyd, CEO TruQC

19 Feb 2019

Building Digital Transformation

Learn how to capture information in real time at the point of use. All digitally, online, and with fast remote access. Case study examples will be provided to illustrate how to build paperless solution that are used throughout quality, auditing and inspection.

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Anita Marx 19 Feb 2019 ASQ Dinner at Favazza

Anita L Marx, AIM Consulting, LLC

19 Feb 2019

Apply fundamentals of Baldrige Criteria for Performance Excellence to improve project results!

Ever wonder why most projects, plans, training programs, or processes fail to deliver expected results?

The answer lies in the Baldrige Excellence Framework. Whether you work for a company that uses the Baldrige or not, understanding the fundamentals of The Criteria for Performance Excellence will help you improve project results.

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