Stephen Ward 18 Sept 2018 ASQ Dinner Meeting at Engineers Club

Stephen Ward, President at Watchdog Quality International.

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Michelle Howard 18 Sept 2018 ASQ Dinner Meeting at Engineers Club

Michelle Howard, Regulatory Affairs Specialist at bioMerieux

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Wednesday 20 JUNE 2018 ASQ PMI Dinner Meeting at Crowne Plaza Clayton

Courageous Leadership: When It Matters Most

This session will focus on the wide range of skills required to lead successful change initiatives. You will learn integrated ideas to immediately improve your ability to address the challenges that come with leading change of any type or scale. This program will show you ways to leverage new skills to become more successful in achieving your goals and reducing stress.

Session learning objectives include: Learn a framework that leads to successful change that sticks; Understand the keys to organizing and executing your plans; Understand intelligent change management for results, satisfaction, and growth; and Practice these techniques to collaborate, obtain feedback, and improve. Leave with a new source for courageous leadership and REAL practices that improve the process of working together with REAL people.

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Dr. Mark Lynch 15 May 2018 ASQ Dinner Meeting at Engineers Club

Mark Lynch PhD PE

Agile Team Lead and Scrum Master, Superlative Technologies, Inc.

Using Agile Project Management to Increase Project Success

Agile Project Management is a group of methodologies that focuses on short iterative cycles in the development of a product or service. While most commonly used in the Software Industry, Agile Project Management can be used in many industries to increase the productivity of delivering products and services.  Mark will go through the key concepts of Agile Project Management, many of which have evolved out of the Quality field.  Mark will discuss the experiences in utilizing Agile Project Management for over six years within the Department of Defense at Scott Air Force Base.

Agile Presentation PDF

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Steven Lembark 15 May 2018 ASQ Dinner Meeting at Engineers Club

Principal at Workhorse Computing

Stressing out about nothing: Testing software to its limits

Software isn’t real, it lives in a virtual space that we cannot measure, bend, or break. The traditional tools for QC don’t apply, but the principles do. This talk looks at techniques for software testing at multiple levels, the techniques available, and available measures.

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Ian Meggarrey 17 APR 2018 ASQ Dinner Meeting at Spazio

Ian Meggarrey Program Manager, Metova CyberCENTS

Tuesday, Apr 17, 2018

How to Infuse Quality Into Cyber-Security

You’ve heard it on the news: hacking, WannCry, Petya, and many more. Cybersecurity has been thrust into the spotlight in recent years, but what is it, really? Why does it matter? Why should I care? This session will give you answers to those questions and information about much more.

We will start with a number of basic definitions, and look at some cybersecurity-related events. We will then stalk about the real risks associated with cybersecurity deficiencies. Once we have covered the “what” and the “why,” we will cover the “how” by looking at the anatomy of a cyber attack. We will follow the path an adversary can use to work their way into your organization’s network and get what they want. We will also look at how your organization can improve its cyber-defense posture by ensuring that your personnel are best able to keep your network safe.

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Murali Mariappan 17 APR 2018 ASQ Dinner Meeting at Spazio

Murali Mariappan, VP – Operational Excellence Manager, Citi

Tuesday, Apr 17, 2018

Facilitating Virtual Problem-Solving Events

Traditional tools assume participants in any group activity be co-located to solve common process problems. But in this era of increasing globalization where processes span the country and sometime continents, it is necessary to engage the wide variety of participants who are geographically distributed to solve inevitable process issues. In addition, employers have been using the perk of remote work to attract and retain workers in an increasingly competitive talent landscape, especially given low unemployment rates, making improvements to geographically distributed processes increasingly important.

This session is a reflection of our experience in facilitating an improvement event where there were nine participants located in nine different locations across the United States. The unique challenges in trying to communicate and problem solve in a virtual environment is discussed.

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand how improvements can be facilitated with geographically distributed teams.
  • Learn the preparations needed to make virtual engagement successful.
  • Discover the virtual collaboration tool capabilities needed to facilitate remote teams.
  • Get tips to save money on travel.
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Dawn Newman 20 FEB 2018 ASQ Dinner at Favazza’s

Dawn Newman, Executive & Professional Coach and Organization Development Consultant

20 Feb 2018

Applied Creative Problem Solving – Building ASQ 1304’s Next Generation Value

Complex Problem Solving, Critical Thinking, and Creativity continue to top the list of future capabilities for Quality professionals. The Creative Problem Solving approach will tap into your creativity, spark fresh thinking, and uncover new ways to tackle complex challenges.

This workshop will explore the tools of Creative Problem Solving (CPS).
ASQ’s November 22, 2017 Roadmap for Growth: Providing Member Value email to members identified the challenge of delivering Next Generation Value to Members through the Three C’s of Content, Communities, and Capabilities.

The February workshop will explore tools of Creative Problem Solving (CPS), share a project application, and apply the CPS framework to generate new ways of addressing what matters in our local chapter & community.

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Section 1304 Leadership Committee 2018

2018 Leadership Committee St. Louis Section 1304

Name Position Email
Mark Lynch Section Chair
Vicki Mercer Vice Chair
Kyle Jeffers Treasurer
Katie Castree Secretary
Ed Vallorani  Past Chair
Katrina Gowins Audit Chair
Sandra Mohr Membership Chair
Tony Indihar Nominating Chair
John O’Reilly Program Chair
Tony Indihar Arrangements Chair
Thomas Miller Community Outreach Chair
Vicki Mercer Recertification Chair
David Maack Education Chair
Chris Anderson Website Chair
Ed Vallorani Voice of the Customer Chair
Jim Ebone Placement Chair
Nick Brammeier Mentorship Chair
Katie Castree Social Media Chair
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John Paschkewitz 20 MAR 2018 ASQ Dinner Meeting at Syberg’s

Accelerated Stress Testing

John Paschkewitz, Product Assurance Engineering, LLC.

Tuesday, Mar 20, 2018

Key Points in Reliability Engineering

My presentation will summarize key points from my lecture series at three universities in China
during May 2017, and it will highlight my observations during the 25 days in China.
I presented a series of six lectures at each of three universities. My wife and I visited Beihang
University in Beijing, Northeast University in Shenyang, and Zhejiang S & T University in

The lectures were presented to PhD students in reliability engineering and included:

  • Overview of Design for Reliability
  • Early Risk Assessment Methods
  • Accelerated Stress Test and HALT
  • Quantitative Accelerated Life Test

Afternoons and weekends were spent touring unique and historical sites and enjoying regional Chinese cuisine. The presentation will be structured to interest a general audience.

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