Dave Costenaro 24 MAR 2020 ASQ Dinner at Syberg’s

Dave Costenaro is Chief Data Officer at Capacity

Tuesday, Mar 24, 2020

Artificial Intelligence: Your Force Multiplier at Work

AI and Machine Learning technologies have exploded across industry applications in only the past few years. There is a lot of hype, but there are also incredible gains. An informed user can easily 10X a number of business tasks if they know what to look for.

In this session, Dave Costenaro, Chief Data Officer at Capacity, will discuss pathways and lessons learned for you to apply AI algorithms, data science, design thinking, and a balanced ethical framework to make it happen.

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Anica Addison 18 FEB 2020 ASQ Dinner at Favazza

Anica Addison, VP Operational Excellence, Equifax Workforce Solutions

18 Feb 2020

Remaining Relevant – Leverage Continuous Improvement Skills to Enable Design Thinking and Drive Business Transformation

Have you recently found yourself wondering if the skills you’ve spent your whole career learning even matter anymore in a world where “disruptive change” seems to have become the norm?  This discussion highlights the challenges with traditional continuous improvement techniques and focuses on the need to approach strategic transformations using design thinking.

We will look at best practices using tools from our continuous improvement toolkits that can be applied within a design thinking methodology.  With a few small changes to how we approach problem solving, we can be ready to help our organizations (and ourselves) accelerate the pace and scale of change required to experience true transformation.

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Amit Kothari 24 MAR 2020 ASQ Dinner at Syberg’s

Amit Kothari, CEO – Tallyfy

Tuesday, Mar 24, 2020

Is it possible for processes to document themselves,
with no manual effort?

Amit Kothari will explain how artificial intelligence can be used to document a process.

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Murali Mariappan 18 FEB 2020 ASQ Dinner at Favazza

Murali Mariappan, Vice President

Murali Mariappan, Vice President at Wells Fargo

18 Feb 2020

Incorporating AI as a Part of Continuous Improvement

As Quality / Lean Six Sigma professionals we have unique skill sets that helps us partner with IT organizations that are typically tasked with managing the Artificial Intelligence journey.  This presents a road map for a Quality / Lean Six Sigma professional to go back to their organization and proactively engage their top management and IT organization and allow them to be key stakeholder to help shape the AI journey.

It is important that Quality / Lean Six Sigma professionals are involved in this endeavor not just secure their future but their unique skills are vital and complementary for an effective implementation of AI but it is not at all apparent in the current hype.

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Scott Isbell 21 APR 2020 ASQ Dinner at Sunset 44 Bistro

Scott Isbell PhD, DABCC, FAACC, Associate Professor of Pathology and Pediatrics at Saint Louis University School of Medicine and Medical Director of Clinical Chemistry and Point of Care Testing at SSM Health St. Louis University Hospital

The Use of Predictive Analytics to Improve Quality of Care

This presentation will briefly review clinical informatics with a focus on tools designed to help guide clinical decision making to improve patient outcomes. A predictive analytics tool developed to identify patients likely to be or become septic will be presented as a case example.

Sepsis is a major healthcare problem and is defined as life-threatening organ dysfunction caused by a dysregulated host response to infection[1]. An estimated 270,000 Americans die each year of sepsis and 1 and 3 patients who die in a hospital have sepsis[2]. Improving outcomes requires early identification and early intervention. At the end of this presentation attendees should be able to:

    1. Identify individuals at risk of developing sepsis
    2. Describe the signs and symptoms of sepsis
    3. Describe current approaches to the diagnosis and management of sepsis
    4. Explain how clinical decision support tools may be integrated into the electronic health record to help guide clinical decision making
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Kevin Leeseberg 21 APR 2020 ASQ Dinner at Sunset 44 Bistro

Internal Performance Improvement Consultant with BJC Healthcare’s Center for Clinical Excellence

How to Misuse Statistics and Still Get Results

Design of Experiments (DOE) can be powerful tools but they have not been widely adopted in the transactional business environment. Through several healthcare examples, we’ll explore the unconventional application of the Plackett-Burman and Definitive Screening Designs within Minitab.

This approach offers even the non-statistician the ease and flexibility to gain insights quickly. It is intended for the practitioner who needs to build a case around a sound decision rather than a statistical one.

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Section 1304 Leadership Committee 2020

2020 Leadership Committee St. Louis Section 1304

Name Position Email
Sandra Mohr Section Chair chair@asqstl.org
Dawn Newman Vice Chair vice-chair@asqstl.org
Jessica Starling Treasurer treasurer@asqstl.org
Karen Heckman Secretary secretary@asqstl.org
Mark Lynch Past Chair past-chair@asqstl.org
Randy Thompson Audit Chair audit@asqstl.org
Mark Lynch Membership Chair membership@asqstl.org
Tony Indihar Nominating Chair nominating@asqstl.org
John O’Reilly Program Chair program@asqstl.org
Tony Indihar Arrangements Chair arrangements@asqstl.org
Thomas Miller Community Outreach Chair community@asqstl.org
[open] Education Chair education@asqstl.org
Chris Anderson Website Chair webmaster@asqstl.org
Ed Vallorani Voice of the Customer Chair voc@asqstl.org
Loree Rowe Placement Chair placement@asqstl.org
Brandon Clough Mentorship Chair mentorship@asqstl.org
Katie Castree Social Media Chair socialmedia@asqstl.org
[open] Conference Chair conference@asqstl.org
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Pam Kuehling 21 JAN 2020 ASQ Dinner at Forrest Park Golf Course Clubhouse

Tuesday, Jan 21, 2020

Pamela Kuehling Director of Procurement St. Louis

Pamela Kuehling, St. Louis City, Director of Procurement

Reduction in Cycle Time for Bid Tab Creation

Pamela Kuehling explains how she helped customers experience less controllable delays as a result of bid tab creation cycle time. Bid Tabs are created after product bids are received from vendors, and are entered into Excel spreadsheets to show an apples to apples comparison. This helps Departments make better selection decisions. Solutions could only focus on what the Supply Division controlled. Learn how they achieved a 22% reduction in average days, a 7% reduction in standard deviation and an 11% reduction in the range of days for bid tab creation cycle time in procurement.

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Ellen Gragg 21 JAN 2020 ASQ Dinner at Forrest Park Golf Course Clubhouse

Tuesday, Jan 21, 2020

Ellen Gragg, Cobalt Content Group

Ellen Gragg, Cobalt Content Group

Project Management for Software Quality

Whatever your title, whatever your certifications, skill in managing projects is enhances your chances of success. Learn the project management skills that make a big difference in delivering quality – in software or anything else. We’ll discuss some project management tools, techniques, and skills that help address and manage the chaos that is software development, validation, and lifecycle management.

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2019 St. Louis Section 1304 Quality Conference


St. Louis – Section 1304

2019 Annual Quality Conference

Gateway to Quality

14 November 2019 on World Quality Day

Millennium Student Center
University of Missouri – St. Louis (UMSL)
1 University Blvd., St. Louis Missouri, MO 63121

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