LC Meeting Minutes ASQ St. Louis 1304 1/8/13

ASQ SECTION 1304- Saint Louis

Minutes of January 08, 2013 LC Meeting

Location–   Yacovellis– 407 Dunn Rd, Florissant, MO 63031

 Call to order:             The meeting was called to order at 6 pm.   

 Participants:              Rod Toro, Gail Keefe, Kim Rochetti,  Kunita Gear, Randy Thompson, Jesse Stevenson, Jim Ebone, Tony Indihar,  Linh Dye. 


 Approval of the Minutes:    

The December 11, 2012 meeting minutes were reviewed. 

 Motion:  Randy Thompson moved to approve the minutes, Tony Indihar seconded the motion.  The motion carried and the minutes were approved.

 HQ News:  Rod T. reported that the 1099s were submitted Jan 8.

 Action:  Randy T. will conduct the audit before the February meeting.  Due Feb 15.

 Officers’ Reports:    

 QMP Goals: (Denise Arthur – Vice-Chair):  Rod T. presented QMP results for the Vice Chair. Attendance was better than target.  We need one more half day workshop to meet goal.

Metric 2012/2013 Goal Ave/Total Sep-12 Oct-12 Nov-12 Dec-12 Jan-13
Member Certification 75 New Certifications 24   24      
Meeting Attendance 60 Attendees 75 110 59 N/A 57  
Total Membership Section 1304 750 Members 807.5 809 808 807 806  
Exam Pass Rate 80% Students Pass 100%   100%      
New Member Retention Rate 80% Renew in 2013 39% 25% 39% 75% 29%  
Half-Day Workshop/Factory tours 3 Offerings 2 1   1    
Submit Minimum Requirement Goals on time 100% 100%   100%      
Activities posted for sign up on website 90%average of all  Activities posted for members to sign up 31% 0% 0% 100% 100% 50%

 Treasurer Report – Qtrly, Monthly status (Katarina G-Treasurer.):  Rod T presented results for Katarina.  December statement total: $72,894.82 (checking and MM balance).

 MM Balance:                                      $62,482.17                             

 Checking Balance:                              $10,412.65

 Previous minutes’s action items unresolved (Gail K- Secretary.):

            Schedule Workshop/Factory tour or workshop- Still needs to be done; discussed below.

            Add Randy to member leaders – Done.

            Uncashed check- It has been cashed.

            Check requests for Fedex and Internet Charges- Done by Treasurer per Rod.

            Order memory joggers for meetings – Done.

            Schedule workshop on value stream mapping – Instructor not available.

            What other sections are paying their instructors – Discussed below.

            Impact of raising pay for instructors – Discussed below.

            Linh to receive copy of Articulate tutorial – Still needs to be done.

Asking for Linh Dye to help with training on Word Press – Done.  Lin attended this meeting and worked with individuals.  She has also set up individual training on Word Press.

 Board Reports:

 Nominating Committee – The group discussed nominations for next year’s LC officers.

 Action:  Tony I. will present proposed slate of officers for LC by Feb 12.

Action:  Gail K. will contact a possible nominee about being secretary next year.

Education –Jesse S. reported that one instructor cancelled and so the class cancelled.  There has been one person signed up.

 Action:  Jesse will contact the treasure to reimburse the person who had signed up for the

canceled class.

 Jesse also reported that 8 people signed up for CQT/CQI course.

He reported that he needs instructors for CQM/OE and for the Green Belt class. Kim, Rod, and Jesse agreed to be available as instructors for Green Belt.

Only 2 people signed up for the Black Belt course so it may have to be canceled.

 Certification – Eric    No report.

 Recertifications – Kunita G. has been reviewing recertification journals for recertification. She had to advise on submitter that they had 2 hours to get to the post office

 Membership – John O.  No report.

 Arrangements – Tony I. reported that he needs a place for the February meeting.  Tony will send out a list of options.  

 Action: Tony will find out if the Science Center is available for March. 

Action: Tony will also check availability of Botanical Garden for April.  An alternate plan for April is possibly having a joint supply chain management group meeting at SLU or Wash U.

 News letter – No report.

 Social Networking– Alecia.   No report.

Standing Committee Reports:


 Special Orders (special topics that the chair wants to bring up):  N/A

 Unfinished Business:                   

 Rob H. sent note to the LC that he had checked what other sections are offering as courses and what they usually pay for instructors.  He said that the standard pay is about $35-$45/hr for instructors.  No refresher courses are usually offered. 

 Motion:  Jim E. moved to raise our standard chapter pay for instructors by $5/hr starting on July 1. The motion was seconded by Jesse S. The motion carried.

 The group also discussed that we still need half day workshop to meet our QMP goals.    One suggestion was to ask Fred Miller to speak briefly at March meeting and then ask him do a workshop on public speaking and networking on another date.   Kim R. also said she might be available to do a workshop on career planning at some point.

 New Business:

At the next membership meeting, Rod T. will announce that memorial donations can be made to the leukemia fund.

 Randy Thompson will be co-leading the next membership meeting in case Rod T. doesn’t get to the meeting in time from an appointment.

 100 memory joggers II, 10 black belt books have been purchased for $1500.  These will be used at the next several membership meeting workshops and will also be offered for sale.

 Motion:  Jim E. moved to sell memory joggers II for $10, Jesse seconded the motion.  The motion carried.

 The awards banquet was also discussed.

 Action:  Tony will announce nominations for scholarships at the next membership meeting. There will be 3 scholarships.

Action:  Eric will give Tony the list of people who passed certifications in the last year.

Action:  Tony will present the types of awards

Other:   Linh has set up training for us on Word Press on weekly basis.

 Announcements:       Next LC meeting will be 2nd Tues of month February 12, location Yacovellis.


 Motion:  A motion to adjourn was made by Randy T. and seconded by Tony I.  The motion carried and the meeting was adjourned at 7: 40 pm.

 ____________________                                                       ____________________

Gail Keefe, Secretary                                                                          Rod Toro, Chair

Approved on:_____2/12/13_______________                                           _______________

(Secretary’s initials)


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