LC Meeting Minutes January 9, 2012

St. Louis Section 1304

Minutes of January 9, 2012

CJ Muggs in St. Louis, MO


Participants:   Kim Rochetti – Chair, Denise Arthur – Secretary, Randy Thompson, Tony Indihar, Ed Vallorani, Steve Mundwiller, Amy Slovack, Rod Toro, John O’Reilly, Chris Anderson, Jim Ebone, Eric Shellenberg, Linh Dye


Meeting called to order at 6:06 by Kim.  A quorum was present.

The December 12, 2011 meeting minutes motion to approve by Ed and seconded by Amy.  Minutes approved as written.

Financial Report by Randy

Treasurer Notes:

The section’s 1099 information has been submitted on Jan. 6 to ASQ.  Work has begun on the financial audit (6-month end-for-year) which is due Feb 15.

Account information:  MM balance – $61,270.77, Checking balance – $19,426.64, Additional deposits – none, Outstanding checks – 2 for $92.82, Petty cash – $150.00, for a total section balance of $80,754.59.  CD balance obtained from online acct which does not show earned interest.  MM balance includes 123signup deposit for November/December.

QMP for 2010-2011 by John

The section is meeting goal for Meeting Attendance, Membership Satisfaction and Total Membership.  Membership Certification, Half-day Workshop, and Senior Member results not available yet for December.  Workshops will be in March, May, and June and will meet goal.

  • Action:  Kim will mention how to become a Senior member at the January dinner meeting.

Certification Refresher Classes by Ed

CMQ/OE has 11 students, CSSBB has 7 students, CQT has none, and CQI has 3.

A net of $1,580.50 is expected for this round of classes.

 Section Officer Nominations Kim/Rod

Section officer nominations to be proposed at the January 2012 meeting:

Chair – Rod Toro, Vice Chair – Denise Arthur, Chair Elect – Ed Vallorani, Secretary – Gail Keefe, and Treasurer – Katarina Gowins.

Chris proposed approval of slate and seconded by Amy. Count of vote was unanimous approval.

Rob’s Training/ideas

Quality mentoring and retention ideas were discussed.

Website by Linh 

All of the old website information has been moved to the new website.  Linh will train everyone on LC on how to use the new website.  The LC will be able post their chair information to the site page directly.

  • Action:  Kim will schedule separate meeting for training.
  • Action:  Lihn will create new database for website to accommodate new website.

Future Section Meeting Speakers by Steve

January meeting: Tammy Serentis for Minitab.  Brian Donley Quality by Design for pharmaceuticals.

February meeting: Dawn Newman – Organizational Development,  Jeff Plodzien – ASQ Exam Development.

March meeting:  Awards.

  • Action:  LC to send award nominations to Steve.

April meeting:  No Meeting

May meeting:  Chris Anderson – Lean, Mary Kausch – HR

June meeting:  No Meeting

September meeting:  TBD

October meeting:  Joint meeting with PMI

Scholarships by Tony

Only one nomination at this time.

  • Action:  Kim will mention scholarships at next dinner meeting.

Spring Conference April 14 by Rod

Rod presented Spring Conference presenter agreement letter to LC.   Rod motioned to approve letter and seconded by Jim.  Motion approved unanimously.

Forrest Breyfogle will be doing a workshop in the afternoon at the Spring Conference.  He will be giving a book to everyone who attends the workshop.

  • Action:  LC to promote attendance to Spring Conference.
  • Action:  Rod to send pass code for LC to sign up for Spring Conference.

Kim motioned to adjourn, seconded by John and approved at 7:50.


____________________                                                       ____________________

Denise Arthur                                                                         Kim Rochetti

Secretary                                                                                 Chair


Approved on __________, 2012



(Secretary’s initials)

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