LC Meeting Minutes March 12, 2012

St. Louis Section 1304

Minutes of March 12, 2012

India Palace in St. Louis, MO


Participants:   Kim Rochetti – Chair, Denise Arthur – Secretary, Randy Thompson, Tony Indihar, Ed Vallorani, Rod Toro, John O’Reilly, Kunita Gear, Will Meyer, Gail Keefe, Amy Slovacek


Meeting called to order at by 6:00 p.m. by Kim.  A quorum was present.

The February 27, 2012 meeting minutes motion to approve by Ed and seconded by Amy.  Minutes approved as written.


Financial Report by Randy


Treasurer’s Notes:


Awaiting acceptance of the financial audit (6-month end-of-year)

No deposits received from ASQ in February.


Account Information:  MM Balance – $72,361.24*, Checking Balance – $14,730.93, Additional Deposits – None, Outstanding Checks 8 for $1,186.67, Petty cash – $150.00 for a total section balance (at reconciliation) $86,055.50.  *includes 123signup deposit


  • Action:  Will Meyer will perform a Performa Statement on the financial reports on the old computer.


QMP for 2010-2011 by John


Numbers not posted yet for new Senior members and Spring Conference attendance.


A new March Monthly Meeting Evaluation was presented and discussed.


  • Action:  John will make revisions to the evaluation and then send to the group for comments.


Certification Refresher Classes by Ed


A successful VSM workshop was held last week with 11 attending.


Amy is interested in doing a second VSM workshop due to the request of participants in first class.


There are 2 signed up for CQE, 4 for CQA, and 3 for SSGB refresher course.


Ed brought up paying workshop instructors to the group.  Will suggested tabling the discussion until after the Perfoma Statement.


  • Action:  Will will present data at the May meeting to evaluate the performance of the past workshops.


Motion:  Moved by Will to pay Amy $180 on a non precedent basis with the future policy to be set at a later date.  Motion carried with in favor 6 and 3 apposed.


 Certification Exams by Eric


33 signed up to take exams, 12 were no shows or reschedule, and 21 sat for the March 3rd exams.


World Conference


There are two late choices for arrival Friday evening at John Wayne airport.  There is a shuttle transport from the airport to the hotel available so a car may not be necessary.


  • Action:  Kim will obtain discount code for two attending the World Conference


Section Elections/Awards Status by Kim/Steve


Steve said awards will be ready in time for the meeting.


Details for the meeting were discussed and finalized.


  • Action:  Tony will update meeting pamphlet and send to the group for review.


Scholarship Winners by Tony


Thirteen people applied for the Education Grant and were all eligible to receive the grant.


Sarah Thompson, Samuel Manson, and Laura Ebone were selected by random drawing for this year’s grant winner.


Spring Conference  April 20th  by Rod


Another workshop has been added to the schedule.


The entertainment this year will be S.E.E.D., Mad Dance Co., and Sunday Picnic.


So far, 56 people and 18 students have signed up for Spring Conference.  Break even would be at 110.  Seven exhibitors have signed up to attend the Spring Conference.


Workshop:   VSM/FutureAmy/Ed


Workshop feedback was very positive and there was a wide variety of people attending.  The group attending expressed an interest in attending another VSM workshop.  Discussion about date for the next workshop tentatively set for either the Spring Conference or in May at the same location.


RUs have gone out for those who attended.


Membership letters by John


Letters have gone out for the free dinner to those who have passed a certification.


Around the Table


Ed discussed the possibility about creating a higher price for non-members for next year.


John asked Will to send a list of individuals who may lose their certification.


  • Action:  Will to check to see if he still has access to the certification list.


Tony motioned to adjourn, seconded by Ed and approved at 8:12.


____________________                                                       ____________________

Denise Arthur                                                                         Kim Rochetti

Secretary                                                                                 Chair


Approved on __________, 2012



(Secretary’s initials)

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